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Doctor Who Set Photos Show Neil Patrick Harris In Full Villain Mode

New Doctor Who 60th anniversary set photos highlight Neil Patrick Harris going into full villain mode, teasing his dapper and sinister character. New Doctor Who set photos show Neil Patrick Harris in his new villain role. Harris is the most recent addition to the Doctor Who universe, as it was announced earlier this week that he will appear in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary special. The special will release in early 2023, situated between two Doctor Who seasons as Jodie Whittaker leaves her role as the 13th Doctor, making room for 14th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa.

The specifics of Harris’ character are still kept largely under wraps, as with a lot about the 60th anniversary special. Other casting information has been revealed, including the return of actors David Tennant and Catherine Tate to their roles, along with the addition of Yasmin Finney in the character of Rose. Recent set photos revealed Tennant, Tate, and Finney within an explosive set shooting in Cardiff, suggesting high-intensity drama for the special. However, little other plot information is available besides these brief hints. It is even still unclear whether Tennant and Tate will reprise the same versions of their original characters or highly altered ones, or whether or not Finney’s Rose is the same Rose as was portrayed by Billie Piper. Another glimpse at the upcoming special arrives with new on-set photos from Metro UK revealing shots of Harris in his role. Harris looks dapper and sinister in the photos. He is clad in a slick suit and wearing character facial makeup that intensifies the actor’s already severe features. In one photo, Harris wields a baton, commanding the scene around him.

Other photos again reveal fires around the streets of Bristol set, recalling the first set looks seen in the Cardiff photos. While these new images do not clarify much in terms of the specifics of each actors’ character in the Doctor Who special, they nonetheless add intrigue to this newly-added role for Harris. Harris already looks well-suited for the role, exuding confidence and grace in his new role. His body postures as the well-dressed villain already position him as flamboyantly sinister, having an unmatched sleekness but nefarious intentions lying beneath.

As the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special continues to film over the next few weeks, perhaps new hints at what is to come will arrive. With Harris’ theatrical background (in addition to his prominent film and TV career, the actor has performed in Broadway shows such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch), he is sure to bring a unique flair to this new villain, providing new obstacles to Time Lord Tennant. The existing set photos, while still vague, promise a dramatic entry in the Doctor Who franchise. Everything will come together as the Doctor Who special is released in early 2023.

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