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Christopher Nolan Covered Christian Bale’s Blind Spots During The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight trilogy is one of the most critically acclaimed pieces of superhero cinema. In a sea of actors who have previously donned the cape Christian Bales Batman stands out for his compelling portrayal of both Bruce Wayne and his crime fighting vigilante self.

He has the most loved Batman there is too Bale had a trilogy of films to work with that set up the characters origin story and explored what it would look like to age underneath the cowl. While its exciting to see Batman battling it out with criminals Bruce Waynes vulnerability is also allowed to shine. And if it were not for Christopher Nolans steady hand and distinct vision for the caped crusaders three part story the trilogy would not have turned out as it did.The Batman is a fascinating character but its not the easiest to portray on the big screen. Bale sometimes had a blind spot during filming naturally he was unsure about certain things but Nolan was incredibly confident about what he wanted. There was no trying out a scene three different ways it was always the Nolan way.

During a 2012 interview with Collider Christian Bale talked about how director Christopher Nolan represented the audience for the Dark Knight trilogy. The revered filmmaker was great at gauging what comic book fans were looking for and gave Bale instructions that ensured he delivered what was needed. It is rare for the conclusion of a trilogy to produce a satisfying sendoff but Nolan was remarkably confident in his concept for the concluding film. It was a challenge he took seriously.Christopher Nolan was so heavily inspired by the audience of the film that he knew when things were getting too tedious and when viewers would lose interest. So the filmmaker went with his instincts. Christian Bale often asked if they could try a different variation of his performance in a scene but Nolans answer was always no.

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