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Chris Evans on Lightyear playing bad guys and being a romantic person I love love who doesnt?

Finally Chris Evans gets to play an iconic hero that doesnt involve working out.
Thats why it was so nice hitting a recording studio rather than a gym for his role as Buzz Lightyear in the animated scifi adventure Lightyear in theaters Friday. Pixar literally does the heavy lifting for this one quips Evans whose buff and starspangled Captain America won over Marvel fandoms hearts and minds.

The Toy Story spinoff is an origin story for the beloved space ranger with Evans voicing the role popularized by Tim Allen. In Lightyear Buzz and his fellow intergalactic travelers get stuck on a planet millions of light years from Earth and have to fight a robot army led by the evil emperor Zurg. Evans 41 didnt stray too far from his predecessor for inspiration.

The reason were doing this movie is because Tim Allen made such an iconic impact Evans says. Not only would you be a fool to not take his interpretation because it worked so well but the truth is this character is in fact the human version of that toy so there does need to be overlap in terms of their cadence and nature. Lightyear director Angus MacLane says he didnt want to cast an Allen impressionist or even a superheroic type for Buzz but instead someone who had a commanding presence that also is able to be funny without being goofy. The filmmaker found that watching Evans in Bong Joonhos dystopian film Snowpiercer where you really could see the range of what Chris could do.

It took a while however for Evans to find the right voiceacting mojo. At the beginning I almost felt like a deer in the headlights he recalls. I would just be so still. Youre so focused on your voice it almost would rest every other part of my body. But with every passing session you find a little more comfort and before you know it you are incorporating your physicality and that would inform the deliveries.

After almost a decade of playing Cap Evans is switching up his creative appetite and playing some antagonists for a change. He played the shady sweaterclad Ransom in Rian Johnsons 2019 murder mystery Knives Out and in the upcoming Netflix spy film The Gray Man in theaters July 15 streaming July 22 Evans stars as psychopathic rogue secret agent Lloyd Hansen whos hunting down a former CIA colleague played by Ryan Gosling. In the movie Goslings character mocks his foes trash stache. Evans key to growing it? Luckily I just had to sit and wait.

Evans enjoys exploring a frame of mind thats so dissimilar from my own. Its easy when youre playing someone like Captain America to understand why he feels compelled to do whats right. You certainly can relate to the desire to be good.
In contrast someone like Lloyd has such a unique perspective on the world he adds and it manifests in such a dark way but to him its completely normal. Its a fun chess game to try and get inside a role like that. After costarring with Ana de Armas in Knives Out and The Gray Man she and Evans reunite for next years Apple TV+ film Ghosted which Evans describes as a little throwback to 80s and 90s action adventures like Romancing the Stone.

Its the type of movies that I love that I dont think get made enough says Evans who got a kick out of mixing romance and comedy. Most characters you channel through your own experience and I consider myself a romantic person. I love love who doesnt? Its nice to have that take a center role in a piece of material as opposed to saving the world. An Instagram photo of his fluffy hairdo for the role snagged 4.5 million likes proof of Evans exceeding popularity and penchant to go viral at any time. Most of my career Im just standing on the shoulders of giants already. So if that type of interest in my hair is the downstream impact of the artistry of other people Ill take it he says.

However Evans admits that hes not as into the leadingman gig as he is group efforts these days. Playing a supporting role is the dream career. Its my favorite thing says Evans whose upcoming films include Red One with Dwayne Johnson and Project Artemis opposite longtime Avengers partner Scarlett Johansson. Being No. 1 on the call sheet it can be a strange burden. Letting me be like three or four or five is the sweet spot. Plus the role is usually a little more fun anyway.

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