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Chris Evans movies and TV shows were ranked from worst to best including Snowpiercer Knives Out and Captain America.

Though hell likely be forever associated with his work as Captain America Chris Evans the actor has become much more than just the good guy behind the colorful shield. Just when you think you can brand him as an action star Evans turns around and just nails genre after genre romance The Nanny Diaries mystery Knives Out comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and drama Gifted. And when future

Oscarwinning director Bong Joon Ho needed a hero for his first Englishlanguage film he turned to Evans for Snowpiercer. When Evans tried his hand at other mediums he returned to scoring garnering much praise for his Apple TV Plus limited series Defending Jacob and earning a Drama Desk nomination for his Broadway debut in Kenneth Lonergans Lobby Hero.

Evans has a big summer of 2022 ahead of him with two major releases coming within weeks of each other. First he provides the voice for the title character in Pixars Lightyear the origin story of beloved Toy Story icon Buzz Lightyear that features Buzz as a young test pilot stranded on a hostile planet. and is forced to become a leader in order to get his commander and crew back home safely. In contrast to his Pixar heroics Evans takes a turn to the dark side in Netflixs The Gray Man as a psychopathic blackops mercenary hunting down a former colleague Ryan Gosling who has spilled secrets about the agency behind him. CIA wishes he hadnt done it

So lets raise a glass and celebrate the 10 best Chris Evans movies and TV shows ranked from worst to best. Evans polished his romantic credentials in this comedy that marked the first of eight collaborations Evans would have with costar Scarlett Johansson. In this Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini film Evans plays Hayden a college graduate who lives upstairs from Mr. and Mrs. X whose son Johansson babysits for her. Nicknamed Harvard Hottie thanks to his looks and everpresent crimson Tshirt Evans doesnt have much to do here except look sexy which he pulls off spectacularly but he strikes up real chemistry with Johansson that serves both actors well. as well as his careers progress.


Evans beautifully played against type in this action drama as Captain Jake Jensen the hacker on an elite US Special Forces black ops team in contrast to the suave action heroes he would play in his career. Evans goes goofy here like a goofball sporting glasses and a goofy blonde goatee. Jake may have little trouble getting deep into even the most secure enemy computer systems but social situations? No good. The Losers marks Evans first successful foray into combining comedic elements with his own action characters a skill he would hone with Captain America.


Evans first brush with the MCU came in this 2005 adaptation of Marvels oldest superhero team who were hoping to start a film franchise. It didnt spawning only a sequel 2007s Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer in which Evans also appeared. Evans plays Johnny Storm the brash youngest member of the superhero quartet who like the Human Torch has the ability to harmlessly engulf his entire body in flames as well as control fire wherever he wants it to go

Hes not a very fleshed out role particularly compared to his nuanced version of Captain America but Evans nonetheless makes him a believable superhero.In contrast to the many jocular heroes Evans has played throughout his career engineer James Mace in Danny Boyles scifi thriller Sunshine is strictly commercial.

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