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Azur Lane Tips and Strategies to Become the BestGame GuidesLDPlayer Azur Lane is an RPG developed by Yostar Limited.

Yostar Limited has developed three major titles which include Arknights and Mahjong Soul along with Azur Lane. The best part about their titles is that each title has a rating above 4.5 out of 5 and has millions of installs on the Google Play Store. The game is widely available on iOS and Android platforms. Azur Lane is the first game ever to have a ship and girl group. The game features almost every real world warship. Those ships are controlled by a beautiful character known as the Ship Girls.

Azur Lane is about girls from ships and ships. Each girl has different stats and abilities that enable ships. In the game all you will find is a lot of girls and a lot of ships. The game is 100% free and is about collecting different materials and skins. Usually you dont need to spend a penny but you may have to buy gems if you are into leather. Other than that the game is free to play.

Below you will find the basic things to know about Azur Lane. So without further ado lets get this started for those who havent started Azur Lane yet. At the beginning of the game you will have to choose one ship. You will have to choose between Javelin and Laffey. Honestly it doesnt matter which one you choose Both ships have the same stats. All you can think about before choosing one is which one you prefer and pick it up. Other than that there isnt much to look for in those ships. As mentioned earlier its a 100% Free to Play game so sooner rather than later youll have every ship available in Azur Lane.

This is the basic thing to know before playing Azur Lane. In fact its a common thing that everyone should know but most players ignore it until its too late. As you enter the Dock you will see a lock button on each girls avatar. The lock button is there for a reason which is the main ship girls lock.

In Azur Lane you can get duplicates of the ship girls which you can use to level up the ship girls etc. The lock button helps you rescue your main ship girls while boosting other ship girls. Many players do not notice that they use the main ship girls by mistake. The other way to save your ship girls is to sort by rarity level. This way your very rare ship girls will stay safe. Now that you know the basics of Azur Lane lets go straight to the ships. Below you will find the best permanently available ships. As a new player you should focus on permanently available ships rather than the one that is closed due to the event because sooner rather than later you will have every ship in Azur Lane.

As mentioned above you can choose any of the two ships. The thing to know about these ships is that they are good ships for early and late game. So picking and focusing on any of the ships will not harm your game in any way. Yukikaze is one of the permanently available ships that you can easily get with a gacha. Yukikaze will be a great addition to your collection. She has a 25% chance of reducing any damage dealt to her to 1 damage. The general stats and ability to climb makes it a good choice.H

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