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Aussie Deals: 10 Buck PS Hits, Cheapest Preorder for The Last of Us Part 1 and a $59 LEGO Star War!

Like many of you I have got a special spot in my heart for The Last of Us. So much so I bought it once on PS3 and again on PS4. While will probably shell out for the PS5 version I can also understand if $125 is a bit rich for a third go round for some is why I tracked down todays discount. It exists alongside some great prices for Mario Strikers Uncharted Legacy of Thieves and a bunch of PlayStation Hits that you really really ought to own already.

Following up last years infamous event the second annual LEGO CON is slated to go live this upcoming weekend on Saturday June 18 2022. Those looking to tune into the virtual event will be able to log onto LEGOs website in order to check out all of the brick built action. Everything will go live from the LEGO House in Billund Denmark starting at 12 p.m. EST when the event begins broadcasting.for whats in store from the showcase this year things are beginning to cement as to just what the LEGO Group will have ready to go. Come the weekend we can expect to see plenty of different new releases from all kinds of different themes. Packed into the 2-hour event there will be reveals from LEGO Star Wars Marvel and even new lineups like Disneys Avatar.

On the Star Wars front, which many fans are likely to tune in for exclusively the expectations for LEGO CON 2022 is a bit up in the air. Back when the event was announced builders were told we could expect to see new sets from a galaxy far far away. Now that Star Wars Celebration has come and gone with the reveal of four new kits it seems those are the ones we will be getting a look at come Saturday.

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