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Andrew Garfield Told Simu Liu To ‘Shut The F*ck’ Up On Live TV & He Has A Point (VIDEO)

Simu Liu recently called Andrew Garfield out during the annual TIME 100 gala and the former Spider man actor had some choice words for his fellow Marvel star.On June 8 during Lius opening monologue for the lives treamed show which he called the Met Ball for nerds the Canadian shared that he was humbled and surprised to be a part of the list of the 100 most influential people in the world.I am not even one of the 100 most influential people in the Marvel Universe he joked. They are like eight more famous Marvel celebrities in this room. Zendaya is literally right there.

He then got into what likely everyone wanted to know.Now this is TIME 100 s first inper son event since 2019 and the first ever to be shared with audiences at home he explained.Finally viewers all across the country will get the answer to their most burning question. Are the Illuminati real? And if so why have not I been invited?To answer the question he took aim at his M-C-U colleague.Garfield Garfield where are you? he asked. I know you know. I know you know.In response Garfield shook his head and made the stop talking hand signal before mouthing shut the f*ck up.To be fair if he was in fact a member of the Illuminati he might not want that info out in the world!

After making a few more self deprecating jokes Liu got into the heart of things.
As I look out at this room of distinguished people and I reflect on our collective accomplishments I cant help but also think about our collective privilege he said.In a moment defined by historic challenges we must recognize that we are deeply fortunate to be where we are to be empowered as we are.He also said that the group has a profound responsibility to work in service of the world.It is a challenge a challenge to use that influence to make the world better because right now lets be honest things need to be better.

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