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Amy Slaton Heartbreak Tammy Slatons Brother Might Not Return on 1000Lb Sisters Season 4

Amy Slaton is unsure of her fate in 1000Lbs Sisters Season 4 and hints that he may not return due to her current condition. Also she has a child to take care of her.

Tammy Slatons sister spoke to The Sun from her new home in Morganfield Kentucky and shared her plans for the upcoming season. Unfortunately she may not be back because she feels stressed filming and she has a 15monthold baby Gage. Also Amy Slaton is expecting her second baby.

I really dont want to do another season because Im pregnant its too much. If they cut back on my hours Ill probably be fine Amy told the outlet. But last season I was working every day for weeks plus renovating a house plus Gage plus Tammy plus my mom. It was a lot last year and I cant do it. Amy has been a part of the TLC reality show for three years now. She admitted that it was easy at first. However after welcoming her son Ella Gage to her she had a hard time filming because her son doesnt want her out of sight and every time she leaves him she suffers from moms guilt.

I feel like Im being a bad mom when Im at work. Hes always at Grandmas when were filming and stuff. I feel like Im wasting valuable time Amy explained. 1000Lbs Sisters ended last week. Amy Slaton said the network has not hired her for Season and that she is waiting for them to contact them to negotiate. When she was asked when they should start filming she doubled down on her answer that they havent heard from TLC yet.

We dont know were waiting for news from the network said Amy. If they cut me down and make it more about [sister] Tammy and [brother] Chris Ill be fine. Give me two days a week. Its a lot right now with Gage and being pregnant Im tired now. Amy has successfully lost pounds throughout the season. When asked what she loved most about the show she said that she loved the team and seeing her son on TV.

Watching him [Gage] grow up having him captured on video. And then looking at myself from season one to now I look like the Michelin Man Amy said. He added I like the crew better filming can be stressful youre there all day and you have to say things over and over again. I love the relationship with the crew. But its stressful right now he [Gage] needs a lot of attention.

Tammy is currently in a weight loss rehab center in Ohio. According to her brother Chris she has already lost 115 pounds in 30 days. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Amy and Tammy Slaton. Well also keep you posted when TLC renews 1000Lbs Sisters for another season.

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