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All Creatures Great and Small theory: Siegfried and Mrs Hall to embark on romance

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALLS Mrs Hall and Siegfried Farnon could enter an unexpected romance as the war looms over Skeldale House a new theory from Express. co. uk explains.All Creatures Great and Small is returning to Channel 5 this autumn and will focus on how Siegfried Farnon played by Samuel West James Herriot Nicholas Ralph Tristan Farnon Callum Wood house and the other residents deal with the pressures of the upcoming war. However a new theory from Express. co. uk could see Mrs Hall Anna Madely and Siegfried embark on a romance together after their chemistry began to flourish in the previous season.

In the latest series viewers began to notice the chemistry between Siegfried and Mrs Hall and were eager to see the pair explore their relationship.Despite Siegfried showing an interest in old friend Diana Bromp ton Dorothy Atkinson the real love story is closer to Mrs Hall.The real Siegfried Farnon who the character is based on Donald Sinclair his wife name was Audrey.Mrs Halls first name is Audrey however she rarely uses it but could this see Mrs Hall and Siegfried get together in the upcoming series Could the pairs bond become stronger as they lean on one another due to the war ahead

Speaking at the B-F-I and Radio Times Television Festival Anna Madeley touched on their dynamic and how she loved their dynamic.She explained It is a really fun dynamic to play because from the get go you know they do not always play by the rules in terms of her being an employee.
Obviously I get James down and I think it is a question we always ask about what are the correct behaviour and what rules are we breaking.And also as that friendship blossoms it adds a delightful amount of complexity to it where are you friends Where are your work colleagues Where are you boss and employee Where are you parents They have so many different relationships.

Executive producer Melissa Gallant touched on the decision to bring their relationship closer and added Its such an unusual setup.You live and you work there it is also sitting having breakfast with your boss but the thought I think that what makes it so complicated.It a home a place of work but also Siegfried runs the business but also runs the house I think more than that developing Mrs Halls character is also a celebration of women is not it

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