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90 Day Fiancé Why love in heaven is the most underrated accident

Love In Paradise returns with Season 2 and there are many reasons why its more compelling and entertaining than any other 90 Day Fiancé Show.

Famous 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé Love in Heaven is back with Season 2 and its clearer than ever that the show is one of the most underrated in the franchise. The first season of Love in Paradise revolved around the American cast members falling in love with people from Caribbean nations but the second season expanded to include other tropical locations as well. Although the spinoff has attracted many fans of the 90 Day Fiancé there are many viewers who have not seen Love in Heaven yet and have missed it.

The first season of Love in Paradise only had four couples but each had a unique and engaging storyline. The second season turned out to be even more entertaining with five couples this time. Although two of the couples are back there are three new couples who really seem to be exceptional additions to the cast. The season two premiere was highly anticipated by many fans and after just one episode viewers were excited to see how it all pans out for couples.

There has been a lot of resentment among 90 Days Fiancé fans lately who feel that the franchise is outdated. Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé was received particularly poorly by viewers who couldnt stand the cast and their underwhelming storylines. But there are also other spinoffs that fans get bored with as well. 90 Day Fiancé Happiness Forever? Often called out for containing seemingly staged scenes the cast of 90 Days The Single Life was criticized during seasons 1 and 2 due to its controversial cast. However Love in Paradise is cut from a different cloth and longtime viewers of the franchise should give the show a chance.

Love in Heaven is a shade lighter
Johann Geronimo fiancé 90 days of love in heaven season 2 Love in Paradise seems to be a lot less fun than a lot of the other shows in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and generally feels more fun than most of the other spinoffs. The tone of love in the sky is much lighter and like a 90 day bride before the 90 days couples are usually photographed at the beginning of their relationship so it is not so important that they stay together. It may be the laidback tropical poses of many of the foreign cast members on the show but Love in Paradise is generally more fun and enjoyable than most other shows in the franchise.

Theres more adventurous casting in love in heaven

By choosing Love in Paradise the producers also seem to be thinking outside the box a lot more than with the rest of the 90 Days of Fiancé series. Although the first season had a pretty standard cast the second season really increased that. There is another LGBTQ couple joining the 90 Day Fiancé franchise as well as the first band in the franchise. The more diverse and inclusive casting results in more cast members and their interesting stories which is a huge win for viewers.

Love In Paradise presents amazing places
90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise B Roll Season 2 Colombia If theres no other reason to watch Love in Paradise fans should listen to the shows stunning tropical backdrop. The show features locations like Colombia Mexico Jamaica and more and Broll shots of each couples amazing videos. The producers have included several shots of the beautiful surroundings of the cast members and 90 Days Fiancé Love in Heaven is definitely an inspiration for wanderlust among viewers.

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