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138 Viking Dog Names That Will Pave Your Pups Path To Valhalla

So you have a new dog. Congratulations! Does he feel like an old soul? Are you convinced it was delivered directly to you from Valhalla? Do you eschew traditional dog food in favor of knäckebröd and köttbullar? It looks like you could have a Viking on your hands so you need to choose from a few suitable Viking dog names.

Dont assume you need to have a Norwegian Hound or something overtly Nordic to give your dog a Vikinginspired name. They are great for anyone looking to convey a feeling of strength nobility or pride. Or maybe you treat your dog like a Norse god or just enjoy watching the Vikings TV show or the Thor movies for that matter. Below you will find dozens of great names from all aspects of Viking culture. And even if you dont find the perfect Viking dog name here lets hope this list at least gets your creative juices flowing!

Viking God Dog Names
You can also start from the top central to Viking culture is the Norse pantheon of gods and goddesses. What better way to convey the fact that your puggle has the heart of a warrior than with a majestic Norse god dog name? Leaving Asgard the next logical step is to look to some of the most famous names throughout Viking history and mine for inspiration. Here are some famous Viking names for your dog Ivar the Boneless you could just call him Ivar but the Boneless is a hilarious description for a dog

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