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Young Justice Bowhunter Securitys New Member Redeems a Classic Villain

Bowhunter Securitys new hire captures Young Justices focus on redemption as a classic DC villain fights on the side of the angels.

While Young Justice season 4 may have concluded the Teams adventures continue in DC Comics tiein series Young Justice Targets. The first issue includes an appearance from Will Harpers Bowhunter Security and their surprising new hire. Young Justice DCs animated take on its young heroes is known for its expansive adaptation of the comic book universe. Now that expansiveness includes a heroic turn for Gotham villain Clayface. Usually seen as a classic Batman villain Clayface has seemingly turned over a new leaf with Will Harper and Bowhunter Securitys help.

Bowhunter Security debuted in season 3 of Young Justice and was most recently seen in the second arc of season 4. The security firm was founded by former Justice League member Will Harper clone of the original Roy Harper. The Harper clones usually provide security together sometimes pulling in the help of other heroes like the newlyheroic Clayface. Clayface original name Matthew Hagen was last seen onscreen in season 3 where he was under the control of Mad Hatter. He made his escape with the help of a few young heroes and has now reappeared in the pages of Targets going by the name Harlan Matthews.

In this issue of Targets Bowhunter Security has been hired as protection for Queen Perdita of Vlatava who is visiting Star City and their location of S.T.A.R. Labs. As this is a direct sequel to season 4 of Young Justice Perdita is again under threat from Count Vertigo who wishes to steal her throne. However because of his own history with failing to protect Perdita and her family revealed later in the issue Will Harper takes the Queens protection personally. All three Harper clones are on the job as well as Green Arrow and Black Canary in disguise and of course Clayface as Harlan Matthews. When Perdita is attacked during her visit all the heroes recruited for her protection jump into action.

Clayface is the first to jump into the fold to combat Perditas attackers proving his usefulness and true heroic nature. Other than a brief canonical audioplay performed during DC FanDome 2020 prior to season 4s release this issue of Young Justice Targets is the first time fans have seen Clayface on the side of the heroes in Young Justice history. Clayface vacillates between hero and villain in the comics universe but until now Young Justice fans have only seen him as an adversary for the Team. His presence as Perditas bodyguard however is more than welcome in this issue and could hopefully set him up with a new role in the franchise.

Matthews goes full Clayface and provides unique protection for both the queen and the other heroes using his abilities to guard his allies from tranquilizer darts. Though a sonic attack eventually neutralizes Clayface his new heroic status and willingness to fight prove again that anyone can change sides good or bad in the Young Justice universe. Young Justice has always been interested in redemption and characters with flexible morality and this new addition to a fanfavorite team brings the shows essential redemption thread to the tiein comics. Perditas abduction arc will continue in future issues of Young Justice Targets where DC Comics fans may again see Bowhunter Security and the continuation of Clayfaces heroic journey.

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