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WWE relies on their triumph John Cena to draw attention once again

WWE doesnt have an infinite number of times that they can go back to John Cena in hopes of increasing interest in the product.

John Cena is back. second. WWE is celebrating Cenas 20 years in professional wrestling which includes the multichampions return to the WWE ring. The timing couldnt be better as injuries and absences hamper the already waning strength of WWE Superstars. His return represents two terrible points Time is running out on Cena the moneymaker and they are racing against the clock when it comes to building new names that fans want to see. Cena is scheduled to return to television on June 27 when he kicks off the show in Laredo Texas. Expectations are that he and Austin Theory will engage in a storyline surrounding the United States Championship in the hope that the endless interest in Cena loses Theory as the latter has struggled to gain much of his own momentum from him. .

While there are plenty of other names that should get a chance to wait and interact with Cena its understandable why WWE will return to the standard playbook when they need it most. bass. Roman Reigns lighter schedule has kept him off television for several weeks and the WWE Universal and Unified Championships have not been defended since WrestleMania. Then there is the ongoing showdown between Sasha Banks and Naomi with both women suspended indefinitely and the WWE Womens Tag Team Championship shelved. WWE was putting in a lot of effort behind Cody Rhodes but his ripped bra that stunned viewers at WWE Hell in a Cell would keep him out of action for almost 69 months.

WWE should start trusting the young talents on the roster Four of the biggest names the company had to offer simply walked off television without any real investment in names to take their place. WWE Bookings has struggled to catch up because they dont have the depth on screen to fill in the gaps. Therefore they return to Cena hoping that he will be used to turn the theory into a name that fans care about. unfortunate circumstances.

Cena said he was the best last year when he commented on WWEs reliance on old performers. He is 45 years old and is very modern in his analysis. But theres also the fact that WWE has been slow to put its young performers in the right place for success. Then there are other questionable booking decisions like what the company did with Pete Dunne/Butch on the main roster that have fans shaking their heads and walking away at the end.

WWE has a talented group of young performers on the roster but that doesnt always resonate with what viewers see on television. Sina is back. Certainly this will create a brief interest in the product. But WWE cant keep going back to the same man and the same rules of the game. This roster needs a group of young talent and as WWE puts them on the roster its time to trust that group and put names like Cena in the past.

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