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WoW Server Population How Many People Are Playing World Of Warcraft?

You might want to know how many servers WoW has as the legendary online multiplayer roleplaying game is over 18 years old at the moment but despite its age and current issues with ActivisionBlizzard the game is still going strong. .

World of Warcraft is one of the most famous games on the planet and a title that popularized the MMO theme park design philosophy that has been emulated for many games since then. Whether youre still playing the game after all these years or someone who finally wants to dive in here are the breakdowns of Wows current server pool. WoW . server population Currently the average monthly player base for World of Warcraft is just under six million and its currently acquiring firsttime players in some time. This is most likely due to the recent announcement of the games ninth expansion Dragonflight which is coming in the near future.

Expansions always see temporary increases in the player base but as the game ages the population is steadily declining. WoW may have had time in the sun but that doesnt mean hes ready to go down like Icarus just yet and he still performs incredibly well compared to other MMOs.That all for our breakdown of the WoW server populationand now you know how popular the game is generallyalong with what the most popular servers are by player count.

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