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Will Landon and Hope Reunite In Legacies Season 4 Finale?

As the Legacies season 4 finale brings the Vampire Diaries spinoff to a close it makes increasingly less sense to reunite Hope and Landon.

Landon gaining the powers of the Ferryman has finally given purpose to his neverending Limbo stint in Legacies season 4 but that doesnt mean it is impossible for him and Hope to reunite in the series finale. Legacies season 4 is finally bringing the Vampire Diaries universe to a close and the second spinoff from the 00s CW hit has not been shy about killing off its supporting cast in the process. Despite Hope having the powers of the Tribrid at her disposal her faceoff against Ken still managed to claim the lives of Kaleb Jed MG and Aurora.

Of course this being Legacies the show has found a way to revive many of the Super Squads fallen soldiers. Landons seemingly endless season 4 sojourn to Limbo finally paid off when the subplot granted him the powers of the Ferryman thus allowing him to revive many of these dead characters. The only question left is whether or not the Legacies season 4 finale will resurrect Landon himself and reunite him with the shows longsuffering heroine Hope.

Hope and Landons onagain offagain love story dominated the plots of Legacies seasons 2 and 3 with the overpowered heroine frequently saving Landon from death or reviving him when he did die numerous times. As such if the shows central duo dont reconcile in the season 4 finale it will mean that all four seasons of Legacies wasted their story on a central will they wont they romance that ended up all being for nothing. That said if Landon and Hope do get back together it will effectively undo the tragedy of their separation which initially came about because the pairing was supposedly unable to ever be together thanks to their incompatible Tribrid/Malivore DNA combination. In this way the couple should ultimately get back together but with the addendum that Legacies should never have dragged out their eventual reconciliation for this long.

As a result the scene is likely to fall flat when it finally happens. Legacies season 4s lengthy Hope Tribrid storyline turned the shows heroine into a monstrous villain for a considerable portion of the season and stranded Landon in Limbo in the meantime. As a result while longtime fans might be happy to see the duo reunited anyone who has been following Legacies season 4 weekbyweek has not seen Hope and Landon happy together for a long time.

Landon has now spent more time stuck in Limbo than the character ever spent happily in love with Hope meaning the impact of their reunion could well be a case of too little too late. This isnt helped by the fact that after being a human a Phoenix and a partMalivore Landon finally seems to have found a mythological function as the Ferryman. For Landon and Hopes love story to end happily he would likely need to abandon this post making his hardwon character development pointless. This might mean that Landon and Hope wont reunite in the Legacies season 4 finale but with this episode also being the series finale thanks to the shows recent cancellation that choice also runs the risk of annoying dedicated viewers who were hoping for a happy ending for the pair after all their emotional investment.

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