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Why The Chicago Fire Cast Looks Familiar

Since debuting in 2012 on NBC, “Chicago Fire” has become one of the network’s biggest series and spawned an impressive franchise. Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas and executive produced by legendary “Law and Order” creator Dick Wolf, the series has taken viewers into the lives, both professionally and personally, of Firehouse 51 in Chicago, delivering some great personal drama that’s kept viewers hooked for 10 seasons. The first series in the “Chicago” universe, “Chicago Fire” has been followed by “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Med,” and the sadly short-lived “Chicago Justice.” More importantly, it’s introduced quite a robust cast of characters.

Throughout its run, “Chicago Fire” has introduced plenty of characters that have led and crossed over into other “Chicago” series and featured a strong cast that fans have come to love. Whether they were only on a handful of seasons or have been there from the start, viewers have established a strong connection with every member of Firehouse 51 through all their fierce rescues and daily tribulations. However — and some may not know it — the stars of “Chicago Fire” have made appearances in tons of other well-known shows and movies, from “The Vampire Diaries” to “Sex and the City.”

First appearing on Season 7, Daniel Kyri plays young-candidate-turned-prominent-member of Engine 51 Darren Ritter. As Ritter, Kyri has become a fan favorite for the heart and heroics he brings to the team and fans have loved the support (via Gay Times) he’s gained for being openly gay. His ongoing relationship storyline with Eric, played by Curtis Edward Jackson, is something fans really enjoy and Kyri has already made a great impression even though he’s newer to the show. But did you know that Kyri made his television debut as a part of the controversial reality show “Kid Nation”?

Back in 2007, “Kid Nation” brought a group of kids from around the country together to build their own town. Kyri, known as DK on the show, played a prominent role in the town’s dynamics, even being a member of the town council for the second half of the series, and was awarded a gold star worth $50,000 by his peers. “Kid Nation” was widely controversial (via Variety) for its overall concept of putting kids in the middle of a deserted town. It also had some moments that didn’t sit well with viewers, especially an incident involving bleach. According to an interview with AV Club, former contestant Anjay Ajodha recounted a time where Kyri accidentally mistook bleach for a glass of soda, leading to a scary situation involving paramedics. Thankfully, he was okay.

Kelly “Sev” Severide’s arc within “Chicago Fire” has been one of the biggest aspects of the series that’s kept viewers hooked from the start. While Sev was just a simple “ladies’ man” at one point, he’s developed into a real leader in the firehouse and has developed a very stable relationship with fellow firefighter Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). His struggles with death and abandonment have resulted in some of the most emotional moments of the series and a lot of it stems from Taylor Kinney’s continued commitment to the role, making him a major part of the glue that hold the series together.

Some fans might recognize Kinney from another major TV role he had on CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” as Mason Lockwood, the werewolf uncle to mainstay character Tyler (Michael Travino). Introduced in Season 2, Mason quickly became a guiding patriarchal force for Tyler and a likeable, almost secondary antagonist for its titular duo of vampires. What most fans remember though is the great charm Kinney brought to Mason’s character, making him easily one of the strongest and most memorable aspects of Season 2. It was what made his sudden and brutal death so tragic for everyone, including Kinney: in talking to Entertainment Weekly about his exit from the series, he mentioned accidently spoiling the scene for Nina Dobrev and the difficult time he had telling his mother about leaving the show.

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