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Why James Bond 26 Can’t Be Another Origin Story

Craigs debut Casino Royale was a perfect reset for 007 but despite this Bond 26 can not be another James Bond origin story for a number of reasons.

However regardless of who ends up getting the coveted part Bond 26 will need to do more than merely recast James Bond. Although Craigs later additions to the franchise featured a more playful over-the-top tone than his first James Bond movies as a whole the actors time as 007 was defined by a marked tonal shift for the series. The Bond franchise became a lot more mature, grounded and gritty during Craigs years playing 007 and this change now needs to be undone by the spy’s next cinematic adventure.While Daniel CraigJames Bond franchise debut was able to tell a compelling origin story for 007 the upcoming sequel Bond 26 can not repeat this approach for numerous reasons. Now that No Time To Die marked the end of Daniel Craigs tenure as James Bond, the search for the next 007 is on in earnest. The lucky actor has not yet been named, although both Tom Hardy and Rege-Jean Page have been bookmakers favorites for some months now.

Craig was not the first actor to offer a more self serious reinvention of Bond, with both Timothy Daltons 007 movies and the infamously tragic On Her Majestys Secret Service allowing the suave super spy to show his sensitive side. However Craigs James Bond was the first version of the character who mostly dropped the quips gadgets and goofy villains in favor of relatively realistic espionage action. This was never more pronounced than in his brutal debut Casino Royale a poignant violent introduction to the character that also served as James Bonds origin story. However while that 2006 hit was deservedly acclaimed for its daring reinvention of Bond, the blockbuster cinema landscape has changed in the intervening years and now Bond 26 needs a lighter less dour tone. As a result Bond 26 can not be another origin story for the famous spy.

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