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Why Below Deck Season 5 Is The Best In The Series

There have been many iconic Below Deck moments, but season 5 had events that were unforgettable. This season took place aboard the motor yacht, Valor, with the perfect combination of new and returning cast members. For the fifth installment of the series, viewers were introduced to an interesting group of yachties. Most of the crew were “green,” which is a term used to describe workers with little to no experience. Captain Lee Rosbach was at the helm on Below Deck season 5, along with Chief Stew, Kate Chastain. On the interior team, Kate managed second stew Brianna Adekeye and third stew, Jennifer Howell. Matt Burns joined the cast as a quiet, low-maintenance chef. Nico Scholly returned as the Lead Deckhand, and he was in charge of fellow Deckhands, Baker Manning, Bruno Duarte, and Chris Brown (who was fired on episode 6). EJ Jansen had a brief stint as Bosun halfway through the season, and Below Deck season 4 Deckhand Kyle Dixon filled in after he left.

The cast of Below Deck season 5 made the episodes memorable, and brought just the right amount of drama for Bravo’s dedicated fans. The season featured a love triangle, awkward tension between stews, and a deck team power struggle. The intense dynamics of living and working on Valor caused the reality stars to unleash their problems on camera. Here are the reasons why Below Deck season 5 is the best installment of the show:

Nico’s Drama Was Front And Center
On Below Deck season 5, Nico dealt with the passing of his brother, Tristen Scholly. The show’s drama caused Nico to lash out at the other Valor crew members. He balanced his Lead Deckhand responsibilities, while maintaining a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. Melissa. Below Deck season 5’s storyline heated up when Nico reunited with Brianna, whom he had a past history with on another boat. Brianna developed feelings for Nico, which distracted him from his work duties, and his relationship at home. The Below Deck alum pursued a boatmance with Brianna, but she realized that Nico didn’t want to continue the relationship at the end of the charter season.

EJ Jansen Shakes Things Up
Captain Lee noticed that Nico couldn’t control the deck crew, and called his former Bosun “EJ” to step in. Nico became jealous of EJ, and was offended that Captain Lee didn’t trust him to do his job. EJ turned a “green” deck crew into a semi-experienced crew, and taught them everything they needed to know about working on the boat’s exterior. Baker became interested in EJ, in a romantic way, and asked him out on a date. In the end, Bruno and Baker were grateful for EJ’s help, but Nico was not. The two yachties fought during a night out, when they saw that the Valor wasn’t anchored correctly. Nico told EJ to “Get off my deck,” with EJ’s infamous response, “It’s my deck now, buddy boy.” The alpha male energy in this scene makes it a Below Deck moment that fans won’t forget.

Kate Struggles With Third Stew Jennifer
No season of Below Deck is complete without an argument between Kate Chastain and her interior crew. Third stew Jennifer Howell was a part of the season 5 cast, and she came with her own drama. The single mother gave up spending time with her 9-year-old daughter to work in the yachting business. Viewers saw how difficult it was for Jen to be away from her child. Jen failed to do what Kate asked of her, since she slept in and arrived late to her shifts. Instead of sympathizing with Jen, Kate mocked her by making her dress up as a cheerleader and a mime. When Jen wore her cheerleader costume to a beach picnic, Kate scolded her for wearing the clothing without permission.

The amount of drama on Below Deck season 5 is endless and had viewers gasping in shock each week. In addition to disagreements between crew members, there were multiple injuries among cast members. Nico damaged his elbow while jumping into a tender, and Bruno’s ankle was caught in the boat’s propeller, leaving a painful bruise. Of course, there were the typical exhausting charter guests, prompting fans to wonder why the yachties chose to work in this industry in the first place.

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