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When Calls the Heart season 10 renewal What is Hallmark waiting for?

We wish we could proclaim in this article that When Calls the Heart has been officially renewed by Hallmark Channel. However that is unfortunately not the case. Were still waiting on that press release and its a little more frustrating just because recently weve seen renewals announced the same exact night of the finale. So what is the network waiting for? Is there any method to the madness here at all? Well we do at least think there are some reasons why they are doing what they are and its wellworth getting into for now.

The most obvious one right now that there are business matters being attended to here — think along the lines of the budget and making sure all important deals are done. This discussion can be rather boring but television ultimately comes down to dollars and cents. Hallmark wont want to announce something until everything is in place. Lets say that it hypothetically is at this point — then its also about finding the right venue to make such an announcement. This is the longestrunning scripted drama series they have! They wont want a renewal announcement to disappear into the ether so they may end up crafting something big and notable that a lot of people will look back on fondly.

We do remain confident that a renewal is confident mostly because weve heard nothing to indicate otherwise. Also itd be a pretty bad move for the network to end the show now without a proper series finale — if a series has been on the air for this long we do think it deserves a proper opportunity to go into the sunset on its own terms. Hopefully all the executives involved feel the same way. Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that be sure to come back around — that is the #1 way to ensure that you dont miss any other updates coming your way. Photo Hallmark Channel.

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