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Watch: Things Get Weird In Sneak Peek Of ‘The Orville: New Horizons’ Episode 3 “Mortality Paradox”

On Thursday June 16 The Orville New Horizons debuts its third episode titled Mortality Paradox and a brand new sneak peek promises it will existential. Hulu has also released an inside look at last weeks episode “Shadow Realms.

Actor Doug Jones has confirmed that filming for the fifth season of the hit television series Star Trek: Discovery, will soon begin by providing fans a look at his preparation for the role of the Kelpien, Saru.In a Twitter post by Jones, the actor revealed a behind-the-scenes image of his preparation for the role of Saru. The post offers fans a before and after image of Jones. The first image on the left shows the actor casually smirking at the camera with a full head of hair while the image on the right has the actor’s eyes now widened with his head completely bald. The tweet reads Its that time! Nobody makes me do this, it’s my own choice to save time bald capping, and for a better stick of my Saru bits.

Here goes season 5 filming of Star Trek Discovery With the science fiction series confirmed for a fifth season renewal earlier this year Jones post guarantees that fans will once again get to spend time with his character Saru a Kelpien who is now captain of the USS Discovery. The actor portrays the alien character through heavy prosthetics.Jones is widely recognized by fans for his experience in playing a diverse body of creatures on film and television through extensive makeup and effects. The actor is responsible for bringing to life beloved characters in pop culture such as Abe Sapien from Hellboy and The Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water. With all this experience, his performance as Captain Saru only comes naturally to the actor.

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