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Trevor Noah on New York passing stricter gun laws: ‘I didn’t even know that was possible’

Late-night hosts discuss gun control the indictment of five Proud Boys and the January 6 committee primetime hearings.Ever since the Uvalde shooting, Congress has been working hard to craft sensible gun safety measures that can be narrowly defeated at the last minute said Trevor Noah on Tuesdays Daily Show.

Unfortunately though nobody really expects a lot to change he continued especially on the federal level where the filibuster will prevent Democrats from passing any meaningful gun control legislation. Now thats where theres an upside to living in the States That Barely Put Up With Each Other of America. And that is individual states can break off and pass their own gun laws.On Monday Governor Kathy Hochul of New York signed into law a gun control package that would raise the age to purchase a semi automatic weapon and strengthened reporting requirements for social media companies alerted to threats of violence.

Wow this is so weird. A mass shooting happened and then politicians did something I did not even know that was possible said Noah. Its like I show up to McDonalds and the McFlurry machine is working. I do not even know how to react to this. Do I clap? Do I tip? Whats a good tip for passing gun laws?The New York law raised the minimum age for purchase of semi rifles from 18 to 21 which seems like common sense to me although in my opinion instead of 21 I feel like it should be 21 and four days Noah noted. Because I do not want someone buying a gun on the same night that they are slamming 10 shots of Jaeger. Just spread it out you know?

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