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Top Gun’s Jennifer Connelly Has Been Married To Paul Bettany For Nearly 20 Years

Theres a lot to love about Top Gun: Maverick — from its embrace of summer blockbuster tradition to a beach scene you know the one thats taken TikTok by storm. And then of course theres the involvement of the national treasure Jennifer Connelly. In the film she plays Penny the love interest to Tom Cruises Maverick — but what about in real life? As it turns out shes married to fellow actor Paul Bettany and has been for quite a while.

Connelly and Bettanys relationship timeline officially began in the early aughts when they married after working together on A Beautiful Mind — but in a Hollywood fairytale sort of way their pair seemed fated from even earlier on. Ahead the details on a serendipitous childhood crush and every other entry on their power couple love story.

As Bettany told Larry King in 2015 he was crushing on Connelly from afar when they were both teenagers citing her performances in Once Upon a Time in America “Not a bad first film” he said and Labyrinth where she starred alongside David Bowie. But he was a kid in London and she was a budding movie star in America — so for a while his crush was just that: a crush.

Connelly and Bettany connected IRL while working on the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind. But a relationship was not in the cards just yet. “We liked each other but we didnt do anything about it” she later told Glamor. “We were both in relationships. We didnt get together until months and months after that film.”

Eventually Connelly explained their respective relationships ended. “When I saw Paul again and we were both single we got together really quickly” she said. But that may be an understatement — at least as Bettany remembers it. The WandaVision star also revealed on Larry King that he proposed to Connelly without ever really dating her. He was abroad during 911 and spent two days trying to get in touch with his costar long after filming had wrapped. “I remember very clearly thinking to myself What are you doing? Oh… I realized I was in love. So I got her on the phone and said Im coming over and lets get married.”

Connelly — who had one child Kai from a previous relationship — told Glamor what made the decision a nobrainer. “It was something about the way that we were together” she said. “He stood out to me as someone singular and rare and beautiful and I liked the way he was in the world. I liked the way he was with people. I liked the way he was with my son and the way he made me feel.”

As they confirmed to People in early 2003 Connelly and Bettany got married in Scotland over the winter holidays. “Marriage and children changed my life” Bettany told the same magazine 18 years later. “It really altered who I was and what I saw as my goals.”

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