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Thor’s Chris Hemsworth Reacts to Being Only Avenger With 4 Solo Films

When Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters next month it will be a bit of a first for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Chris Hemsworth starring film will be the first time in the overall franchise that an Avenger gets four solo films. Now in a conversation with Fandango Hemsworth reacts to being the only actor in the MCU to have four solo films calling it cool and talking about how much he loves playing the character.

Yeah no one else has done four. That was cool Hemsworth said. I have loved playing this character and every time I have done it I have had an opportunity to do something different particularly when Taika turned up. And every time theres a new creative venture and a different place to explore. It makes for a fun ride and a fun time. This film is just full of boundless opportunities to recreate again or rebuild Thor because as you said the last film he was in a different space. So this film was a journey of self-discovery for all of us.

While the film was a journey of self-discovery for Hemsworth in terms of making it the finished product that will hit screens in July is set to have the shortest runtime for Marvel in years. The films listing at both AMC and Cineworld give the film just 119 minutes of runtime just one minute more 2018s Ant Man and the Wasp. However even though the film may have a shorter runtime Hemsworth teased that there is plenty of footage enough that theres an editorial multiverse of sorts possible.Theres an editorial multiverse on this film depending on which avenue you went down with which improvised scene Hemsworth said. Waititi added that the film could have its own multiverse entirely adding Theres the potential for 15 different versions of this movie.

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