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This Week in Anime – Where Did Platinum End Go Wrong?

Platinum End plummeted to the bottom of the series ranking episode after episode. How did a show with a pedigree like “from the creators of Death Note” crash and burn so hard?Nick, I’d like to begin with an apology. I know you were probably already prepared to bid your farewells to this show until the day unto dust we shall all return, but here I am exhuming its freshly worm-infested corpse for one final shellacking. All because I needed to know how bad Platinum End’s second half had to be for the ANN community to consistently rank it lower than the softcore harem porn starring a guy who refused to have a harem.Nick Eh, it’s fine. I’ve long accepted that the End is just the Beginning. And honestly it wouldn’t feel right saying goodbye to this past season without flushing on this turd one last time.Now now, we do technically get (have) to cover the conclusion of the show’s first arc.

Since last we covered it here Metropoliman’s MGS boss rejects had all skedaddled and at last we were about to fight this asshole: I, for one, am shocked that a series with this particular pedigree would kill off a major antagonist midway through the series.Hey they didn’t just kill him off. They also gave us his wondrously stupid backstory! I’m sure everyone was wondering just what motivated such a complex and interesting villain.
Sure do hate it when I “accidentally kill” my imouto because she started talking about boys. Also I look like this the whole time. I’m the victim here. It was definitely an accident! Why would he kill her when he so desperately wants to fuck her?

Here’s to you and your normal one, Kanade.
Really the most horrifying part is that Metropoliman still has easily the most human motivation of any villain in this show.That’s the thing, right? And he actually has a discernable motivation, which puts him leagues beyond any of our protagonists. And, for as much shit as I have given and will give Platinum End, I’m really tickled by the fact that they made the evil siscon guy a libertarian. You know Kanade has memorized the age of consent in every country. It all fits together so well.

Also bold to make him a terminally online atheist too. When he’s, you know, fighting to become God with power granted to him by an angel. And somehow that becomes a fucking running theme for this show’s bad guys.
Look, just because there are glowing people with wings and halos and magic arrows doesn’t NECESSARILY mean God exists. I mean, would a loving God have just stood there silently in the sky while one of his chosen children got turned into Swiss cheese?

Actually, considering everything we just mentioned about Kanade, yeah probably.God I love how bad this show is with its own morals. Months on end of Mirai pitifully insisting that all life is precious and we should never kill anyone because that will make us all unhappy and then we get a minutes-long sequence of a dude being turned into salsa, complete with x-ray shots of the bullets tearing through his meat. Who the fuck needs ideological consistency?
I don’t! I wish we got more of that! At least it isn’t boring, and it taps into the ultraviolent tasteless excess that helped make Death Note so damn entertaining. Platinum End’s direction still sadly doesn’t hold a candle to Tetsuro Araki’s over-the-top eye, but indulgences like Kanade’s complete disintegration at least scratch at the door.

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