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The Orville season 3 episode 2 tips its hat on classic scifi horror

You may have recently remembered if youve rewatched seasons 1 and 2 before now that the season 2 finale consists of an exciting twopart story from an alternate universe. While Lt. Cmdr. John Lamarr J. Lee manipulates the snow cone makers time travel device in the episode Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow S2 E13 and the gravitational wave Orville encounters amplifies the generated time domain. by the time travel device. and at that point he said The increase in field energy was enough to transmit Cmdr. Beyond Kelly Grayson Adrian Palecki in his present.

Ultimately an attempt is made to take young Kelly Grayson back to where she came from but Dr. Claire Finns Benny Gerald Johnson mental survey of her is shortlived and as such the process of time travel in two. parts. continues in the second installment The Road Not Taken S2 E14 where we see an alternate universe brought about by a simple and direct change in history young Grayson does not go on a second date with Ed Mercer Seth MacFarlane. It is revealed that Kaylon attacked Earth and the USS Orville under someone elses command was unable to prevent the invasion. Half of the known galaxy was wiped out by these people…because we never went out again says Mercer solemnly after learning of these events.

Facing impossible odds and certain death the timeline is finally restored after Orvilles remains are retrieved from the ocean floor. A stronger mental prescription is applied and when Young Grayson wakes up back in his apartment with the phone ringing he agrees to a second date with Ed so everything is reset. Uh… is that him? Before the season three premiere aired last week fans of The Orville wondered if there would be any evidence of a slight change in the universe between seasons two and three. One such fan Todd Lyman noted Opens in a new tab in last weeks episode Electric Sheep S3 E1 during a flashback with Ensign Charly Burke Ann Winters and her friend Amanda Amanda Joy Erickson Since the USS Quimby was destroyed in the ground battle against Kaylon they are wearing the Season 3 uniform and not the Season 2 uniform.

To which Tom Costantino the shows coproducer responded Opens in a new tab on Twitter Id be lying if I said this conversation didnt happen in the last 37 months. So there you are. Maybe… Well see a few more this week Orvilles crew is set to pick up Vice Admiral Paul Christie John Reed from Outpost 35 and take him on a rendezvous with the ship Krill. Once there the Admiral would begin negotiations to allow the Planetary Confederation access to the Naclaf sector which could serve as a vital trade route to the other side of Creel Territory. However there seems to be a lot of history between Vice Admiral Christie and Dr.

Finn and in fact it turns out that they were married. Apparently this was before he had his two adorable and annoying children Ty Kai Winner and Marcus BJ Tanner. The Naklaf sector contains an area known as the Kalar Expanse an area that not even krill would dare enter. Anhkana warns of the Shadow Realms. The gates to the depths of the underworld where demons wait to possess the souls of those who dare stray are within their grasp. They corrupt all that is holy. Within their grasp even the most righteous can be forced to commit unspeakable obscene acts.

Once inside the Kalar expanse Orville detects a distress call and they soon find a very strange looking spaceship. While the inside looks like a cross between the Predator and just about every starship from Stargate SG1 the outside is incredibly otherworldly. The accompanying orchestral score is also worth mentioning at this point Seth MacFarlanes love for quality and classical music is well known and that is an indisputable component of every show he excels at and The Orville is no exception. The music for this episode is a perfect mix of Jerry Goldsmiths tracks for Star Trek The Motion Picture and Alien as well as James Horners score for Aliens. These gestures are subtle but they are there.

We also get to see the new Orville shuttles in flight for the first time maneuvering much like the awesome Raptor rescue and recovery vehicle from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica which is impressive. However on the first visit of the alien spacecraft no one wore suits

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