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The Mandalorian: Benedict Cumberbatch stuns as Grand Admiral Thrawn in incredible image

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a very well known and popular Star Wars character so its still rather hard to believe that he has not appeared in a single live-action movie or TV series within the franchise. That disbelief however may not last much longer because there have been rumors that suggest character will make his debut in that medium in the very near future perhaps in Disney Plus The Mandalorian or Ahsoka. With rumors such as that inevitably comes the debate over which actor should play the role. But with Thrawn there have only ever been a select group of actors that fans saw as the character. One is Lars Mikkelson who voices him Stars Wars Rebels. The other is Benedict Cumberbatch.

The latter has been on many fan-castings for the character with most fans believing that he would do a fantastic job in the role. Though it is not likely to happen that has not stopped the fandom from imagining what he could look like in the iconic role.In response to all the rumors regarding Grand Admiral Thrawns potential apperance in The Mandalorian or a future live-action Star Wars series Instagram user ApexForm shared a stunning piece of artwork which envisions Benedict Cumberbatch in the role.With the characters signature blue skin and chilling red eyes the Marvel Cinematic Universe star looks absolutely terrifying as Thrawn and if we can take anything away from this amazing artwork its that fans were right to place him so high up their Thrawn fan castings.

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