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The Justice League Get the Ultimate Armored Upgrade in DC Mech Trailer

A new trailer has been revealed for DC Mech and it looks like the Justice League are getting the improvement of a lifetime with their new suits.

The Justice League is about to get the greatest upgrade to their operation in DC Mech. A new trailer shows off the mechs adopted by the team and how they turns the League members into even more capable heroes than before.

In February DC revealed the new sixissue miniseries DC Mech an Elseworldsstyle tale from the creative team of Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas. The series is set in an alternate timeline where Darkseid invaded the Earth at the tail end of World War II leading to the demise of the worlds greatest protectors the Justice Society. In response heroes like Flash and Batman utilize giant mechs to protect the world ready for Darkseids return. Things only promise to get more complicated with the arrival of KalEl who crash lands on Earth in his own giant robot.

With such an interesting and unique plot fans have been readily anticipating the arrival of DC Mech and now theyre getting their first taste of giant robotic action. On Twitter and other social media sites DC Comics revealed a motion trailer for the new series. The insanely impressive preview begins with a transforming DC logo before diving headfirst into the action.

The teaser for DC Mech shows off Flash and Batmans robots as they fight an army of other oversized machines. Darkseids invasion of Earth is also shown with a giant terrifying Parademon attacking a city while a woefully unprepared Justice Society can only look on in horror. But the Justice Leagues mech suits seem to be the perfect match with Batman Flash and Superman all taking the invading leviathans headon. The trailer boasts that Justice gets an upgrade and thats hard to deny seeing the Justice League take on Darkseids armies like never before.

Now its not like the League hasnt been able to defeat the galactic despot before. Despite Darkseid being the DC Universes biggest terror the combined efforts of the Justice League has been able to bring him down on multiple occasions. But DC Mech promises to show off a powerfully upgraded and more ambitious version of the Apokolips ruler. Giant robot suits may be the only thing the key element to defeating this particular version of Darkseid.

By invading the Earth at a crucial point Darkseid has radically altered the timeline. The end of World War II was the Justice Societys time to shine but by easily dispatching them Darkseid has proven that traditional heroism wont work. In order to save the DC Universe mech suits will give heroes like Batman Wonder Woman and Green Lantern the firepower they need to stop this improved version of Darkseid. The Justice League may not be getting giant robots in their main universe but its the improvement that may help them save the world in DC Mech.

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