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The Iron Fist is a terrible show and its not Donald Trumps fault

When reviews began slamming Iron Feast and star performer Finn Jones he responded sharply We filmed the show before Trump was elected and I think its very interesting to see how that visualization now that Trump is in power and how difficult it makes Very rootreaching for someone coming from a white privilege when that archetype is public enemy number one.

There was a lot to be said in response to this but two main points stand out While it sometimes seems like weve been immersed in superhero movies since the birth of the motion picture the Marvel Cinematic Universe which Netflix features Marvel Daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage Iron Fist and their upcoming cast The Defenders every spring less than 10 years old. In 2008 we got to know Iron Man Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. in his independent film. The writers made no effort to conceal his billionaire status.

Stark is not without his problems but not without money and everything he remains a fan favorite. Danny Rand has been… less receptive. But it has nothing to do with how rich he is. Lets put aside for a moment the fact that Asian American Danny Rand would have been a much more interesting story to tell and give the book a different set of writers more meat to chew on. Lets instead work with what we have in white liberal arts college and crunchy looks Finn Jones as Rand Jessica Henwick as friend and more Colin Wing Jessica Strobe Tom Belfry as Joy and Ward Mitchum and Rosario Dawson as reprise As Claire Temple.

As you watch you can say that the show wants to connect with the current reality of its setting in New York. Mitchums siblings are portrayed as the widest possible versions of Trumps children Eric Don Jr and Ivanka. They are meant to represent viewers wealthy worst CEOs while remaining redeemable through struggle such as the violent and psychological manipulation of their nearimmortal father. It is similar to the structure of the Iron Man story in this way Stark starts out as a relatively selfcentered billionaire who once struck by the weapons his company makes and sells to terrorists begins to realize the error of his ways. Eventually he regained control of the father figure who turned his company into something of a ruin.

The shock that Stark goes through in his first single click helps viewers sympathize with him but it also helps that Downey is an incredibly charismatic actor not to mention a good one. You want to love him and to attract you to him. And the same can be said for David Tennant the purple guy in Jessica Jones a truly terrifying villain that you can love and hate because of the excellent writing and performance. A broad villain can be fun but it takes a script that holds the mentioned villains at the end and the appropriate actors accountable for its execution.

Strobe and Belfry werent one of those people Or perhaps they were and writing simply did not serve their talents. The storylines of Meachum Joey swings back again when feelings of hat fall for Rand or Wards sudden deep dive as an opiate junkie in Episode VI Slow Iron Fist often feels unnecessary and is only added to make that 13episode arrangement. Taken together theyre more of a problem than Jones portrayal of Rand but the wealth of their characters has nothing to do with it. Nobody in Iron Fist gained anything whether it was their money their power or even our grudging respect.

Danny works for Rand because its his birthright. Joy and Ward work for Rand because their father insisted on it in his will. Dannys powers have been stolen as explained to Claire by his friend Davos in the best scene in the entire 13episode series primarily from the city of Kun Lun. Stark is a supergenius graduate from MIT but were not just told that weve shown it first while hes building a prototype Iron Man in a desert cave and then constantly throughout the rest of his films. He is a man of ideas who has the ability to make these ideas a reality and for the most part he does it alone. Starks fortune is inherited yes and Tonys white maleness means he often feels unchecked or called in Avengers Age of Ultron was a movie about why more white men should be told no but at least He has something to contribute.

Iron Fist does not allow us to see Rand or Meachums working for anything nor does it indicate that Joy or Ward have any skills that would add any value beyond the skills of the average everyday employee. Rands dramatic backstroke was completely replayed in the same five seconds of crash footage at every possible moment throughout the season As if this is the work. It was definitely a shock but his character needed more than that.

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