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The Conners Season 5 Needs To Fix Harris’s Story

After her doomed relationship with Aldo left Harris with a brutal season 4 story, The Conners season 5 owes the supporting character a better subplot. Harris had a rough time in The Conners season 4, but season 5 can allow the sitcom to fix this issue. Harris’s story in The Conners season 4 was a perfect example of a common sitcom problem in action. While the plot of her dating an older man, fighting with her mother over the choice, moving in with him, getting engaged, and eventually breaking up wasn’t too depressing in one-week installments, it was a pretty bleak and pointless story once the season wrapped up and viewers could look back on it as a whole.

Harris’s break-up with Aldo provided the saddest moment in The Conners season 4 finale, even though the scene was necessary for the character’s growth. However, seeing Harris get put through the wringer wasn’t a fun time for the sitcom’s viewers, and The Conners owes the supporting star a more stable season 5. While it shouldn’t be smooth sailing for Harris in The Conners season 5, her character arc also shouldn’t be a slow-motion train wreck like her season 4 story.

Harris’s ill-considered relationship with Aldo was believable but grim, and its surprisingly slow dissolution was too slow and dark for The Conners upon a rewatch. In season 5, Harris needs a more proactive storyline with a quicker pace that doesn’t leave her saddled with dead weight and in stagnant conflict with the family for weeks at a time. Aldo and his father, Jesse, provided solid laughs in The Conners season 4, but seeing Harris repeatedly fail to realize the mistake she made by doubling down on the relationship in agonizingly slow weekly increments was too enervating for the high-energy antics of The Conners. Season 5 should fix this by giving her a story with conflict that doesn’t linger for long periods and leave her at odds with the rest of the cast.

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The problem with Harris and Darlene’s fight was not that the two central characters didn’t see eye to eye. The Conners has historically been great at depicting inter-family conflicts, and Harris’s desire to be seen as an independent adult was no exception. The issue was how this story stayed the same for weeks at a time, with very little changing between Harris moving in with Aldo and her eventually admitting that things wouldn’t work out between them. While some Conners plots, like Jackie and Neville’s relationship, also took a backseat while the sitcom was establishing Ben and Darlene’s reunion, these stories didn’t leave the characters in a somber situation.

For weeks on end, the young and ambitious firebrand Harris had nothing to do in The Conners season 4 beyond complaining about life with Aldo and occasionally reigniting her fight with her mother. While the story was an effective way of illustrating the character’s slow growth, it was also a boring and sad plot for her to be stuck in for almost an entire season. As a result, Harris’s newly mature character deserves to have a more active role in The Conners season 5, instead of spending another season of the series on the sidelines.

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