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Star Trek: Lower Decks Star Talks Potential Live-Action Crossover

Exclusive Star Trek Lower Decks star Eugene Cordero talks about a potential liveaction crossover for his character, Sam Rutherford. Star Trek Lower Decks star Eugene Cordero is ready and willing to gear up for a liveaction crossover. Cordero stars in the animated Star Trek series as Samanthan Sam Rutherford, a human ensign working in the Engineering department who is adjusting to a cyborg implant in his head. Sam primarily hangs out with DVana Tendi, his best friend aboard the USS Cerritos who helps him with adjusting to his implant and his suffering from amnesia in season 2 of the series.

Alongside Cordero, the cast for Star Trek Lower Decks is led by Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, Dawnn Lewis, Jerry OConnell, Fred Tatasciore and Gillian Vigman. Developed by Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites alum Mike McMahan, Star Trek Lower Decks was the first animated entry into the longrunning scifi franchise nearly 50 years after Star Trek The Animated Series and has scored generally positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for its humorous approach to the series. As Star Trek Lower Decks gears up for its season 3 premiere, one star is hopeful about what the future could hold for his character.

While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant to discuss his new Simply Beverages campaign, Eugene Cordero shared his thoughts on a potential liveaction Star Trek debut. The Star Trek Lower Decks star expressed an eagerness to bring Rutherford to liveaction and jokingly comparing the practical ease of making the transition than his costar Noël Wells. See what Cordero shared below Oh, man. I mean, you mean what I wear that [headpiece and] shave my eyebrows and shave the sides of my head? Yeah, yeah I would do all of that, sure. Would I wear an awesome Starfleet uniform? Absolutely. All of those things I would do. I think thats easier for me to answer than Noël having to get in all green to do hers. But I would definitely be down, I would love for that to happen. Hopefully, knock on wood, thats something that would be in the works down the line. [Paramount+] love that universe.

Lower Decks Rutherford Implant
Though characters from the animated sphere have yet to make the liveaction leap, plenty of iconic liveaction Star Trek characters have appeared in the evergrowing roster of animated shows. Star Trek Lower Decks itself has included the likes of Jonathan Frakes William Riker, who is expected to return for the upcoming season 3, as well as John de Lancies Q and Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi. Additionally, the wellreceived Nickelodeon series Star Trek Prodigy featured the return of Kate Mulgrews Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway alongside Robert Beltrans Chakotay and archival audio of René Auberjonois Odo, James Doohans Montgomery Scott, Nichelle Nichols Uhura and Leonard Nimoys Spock.

Given Paramount+ continues to expand its Star Trek universe with executive producer Alex Kurtzman leading the charge, its difficult to image fanfavorite animated characters such as Corderos Rutherford from Star Trek Lower Decks making their way to liveaction shows. Additionally, with the streamer already having greenlit season 4 for the animated show and Cordero quickly becoming a household name thanks to the likes of The Good Place and Loki, it seems likely they would want to take advantage of the star power of their voice cast and give them a chance at the liveaction world. In the meantime, audiences can look forward to Star Trek Lower Decks taking off later this year on Paramount+.

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