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Star Trek: Discovery co-showrunner says they’re not competing with Strange New Worlds; but they really should be

Not since Star Trek aired Deep Space Nine and Voyager and Star Trek has had so much potential. Although new shows have had their ups and downs when it comes to fan reaction some have fared better than others. The ones that have appeared are the latest shows specifically Strange New World and Prodigy. Discovery has found its audience but its still not what it could have been.

Picard is dying and the lower floors seem to be the most dedicated to entertainment. However with the end of Picard and Strange New Worlds taking its place as the jewel of the franchise going forward that is the possibility of a new phase of Trek. An image that captures the spirit of the times of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga from Star Trek.Michelle Paradise is responsible for Discovery a show that appears to be entering its fifth season though fan conversations about the show and underwhelming storytelling grow with each season. The time jump helped in season three but season four saw many of the same complaints return.Discovery needs to start competing with new worlds unrelated to its reputation.Heaven is right in that new alien worlds are episodic as discovery is sequenced. One is more or less a stand set of episodes and the other is a great movie-watching experience.

The problem is that despite this one difference everything else is fine. It is a science fiction about a crew of aliens in space. You are literally the same program.Heaven brings discovery to darkness. The show does not really have a single episode that stands out while it took Strange New Worlds four weeks to release an all time great episode. There is no excuse for discovery that does not result in traffic.They have been doing it longer they have a much better idea of ​​what works and what does not, and if the fifth season is still as boring as the first four then either Discovery or Heaven is gone as in the Eastern Era of Trip. about me.Paradise should definitely start trying to outsmart new worlds with the content it creates because if thats not the goal to be the best Star Trek series then what is it really doing?

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