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Soloist wants Qiry Emilia Clarke in more Star Wars stuff

Solo A Star Wars Story was released in 2018. It was telling the story of how young Han Solo became the lovable bastard we know and audiences didnt care Despite generally favorable responses the film fared worse at the box office separating itself from the sequels and spinoffs that Disney had planned.

And rest assured they certainly have sequels and spinoffs planned Whether its Marvel or Star Wars Disney doesnt really do anything unless they think they can benefit from it later with a sequel or five. This leaves some characters in a difficult position such as Qira the femme fatale played by Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke. It only ended with the revelation that she was working for a crime syndicate run by Darth Maul. Qira has continued her adventures in the underworld with the comic series but she has yet to reappear on the big or small screen.

But solo writer Jon Kasdan thinks well eventually see how this holds up. I think one day well see what happened and how Qira moved around the world through the crime syndicates ScreenRant said. I spoke to [Mandalorian creator] Jon Favreau about this and hes a huge fan of [Solo] and some of the stuff we did. And I said Well youre the guy whos going to find out. I always turn to him to keep this story alive and continue. Star Wars goes in so many fun directions. More specifically I saw this Andorra trailer today and thought Well Enfys Nest is going to be on this show somewhere. So I hope that many of these people continue with the journals that they were in.

Disney is already making a Solo spinoff Will Qira appear?
Agree that sooner or later we will see the Solo threads. Of course Disney doesnt do anything that doesnt make them money but they see moneymaking opportunities absolutely everywhere. Solo may not have set the box office on fire but he has fans which should be enough. In fact were already seeing Disney moving forward with some offshoots of Solo. Theyre working on the Lando series with Donald Glover as the younger version of Han Solos greatest enemy the version he debuted as in the 2018 movie. Whether she shows up in this or picks up her stuff Qira doesnt may be far behind.

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