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Ryan Reynolds posts TikTok in honor of Hugh Jackman and its hilarious

The relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman at least as perceived by the outside world is one of perpetual taunts and insults. The two clash with each other a lot whether it be fights between Deadpool and Wolverine or fights over the cast of the Gin and Coffee labels. Of course the ongoing fight between Jackman and Reynolds is actually one between two men who truly love each other. Ryan Reynolds took a minute to be honest about their friendship and its actually great.

In a new video posted on TikTok Ryan Reynolds put together a photo montage of Hugh Jackman and himself. Some scoff at the train wreck that was XMen Origins Wolverine one of the few times these two appeared on screen together. The rest usually shows the two smiling and hugging each other which is great. Check it out. Technically its been a little over three years since the DisneyFox merger became official but the deal took about a year to come to fruition after it was sealed.

Hugh Jackmans Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool were born into the Fox/Marvel universe so the two will always be linked in this way. Today we know that Disney is working on Deadpool 3 while the future of Wolverine Hugh Jackman or anyone else remains largely a mystery. Im not sure anyone is going to put the Jackman/Reynolds glory days behind them anytime soon though. It is fun.

We know that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are very good friends but its nice to see that they sometimes come across with honesty instead of constant sarcasm. Sometimes its nice to see these two put aside their similarities and admit that they really like each other. Im sure the crack will start again in no time.Honestly given how much fun these two are obviously having its even more surprising that we havent seen them on the big screen together as often. They would obviously be great together in some kind of action comedy. Or maybe one of them is the hero and the other the villain.

Aside from XMen Origins the only time Reynolds and Jackman were in the same movie was when Jackman did a voiceover in Free Guy and Reynolds wasnt even in the scene.It will be interesting to see if Hugh Jackman posts any kind of response to this. We often see these two go back and forth when it comes to pranks at each others expense. Maybe well also see Jackman sharing love.

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