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Rosario Dawson Reveals How Long She Wants To Play Ahsoka In Star Wars

Ahsoka has her own Star Wars series coming up but if Rosario Dawson has her way that would not be the end of the former Jedis story.The electric atmosphere that permeates the Star Wars fandom has been particularly active lately especially thanks to all the big updates going around. With a real focus on fan favorites lately it looks as though lovers of the franchise have plenty to look forward to in the next couple of years. But now some new comments from Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson may potentially extend that goodness even further.

Dawson whose upcoming series Ahsoka recently began official production appears to have a real attachment to her role as the titular former Jedi Ahsoka Tano. After debuting as the Star Wars character in The Mandalorian and making another appearance alongside a deepfake Luke Skywalker in The Book of Boba Fett she must have found the part to her liking. Now the actress may be ready to extend those appearances even past the Ahsoka series.In an interview with Vanity Fair Dawson went into great detail about how much she enjoys playing the character and even just enjoys the character herself. She loves Ahsoka Tano so much that she apparently hopes to keep playing the now iconic togruta force user indefinitely. As long as they want me and as long as its possible Dawson said I am in it. But this is not just a newfound appreciation after embodying the role. She s actually been a fan for some time and even offered some of her own nitpicky skepticism at first.

When I first put [the headpiece with Ahsokas trademark horns and head tails on I was like Oh they look different Dawson explained referencing how the design had changed from the one she was used to watching in animated form on The Clone Wars and Rebels. But showrunner and beloved Star Wars creator Dave Filoni reassured her. He was like No but we are working with stunts and everything and we want to be able to do all of that practically. So its pretty clear that Dawson had a genuine love for Ahsoka as a character right from the get go to the point where she was all over the idea even well before being asked to play the part.

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