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Review: Brother’s Bond Wants to Be More Than a Celebrity Bourbon

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley aim for the whiskey connoisseur with their second expression a cask-strength, four-grain expression. Where its from Launched in 2021 Brothers Bond Bourbon was created by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley long time friends who you might know from the long running show The Vampire Diaries.Why we are drinking this: When it launched late last year Brother’s Bond quickly became one of the fastest-growing bourbons in America shipping over 80,000 cases across the USA in 29 states. It had the most successful pre sale launch in the history of ReserveBar.

Its also already the most-followed alcohol brand on Instagram according to the company. So there seems to be something there beyond the celebrity tie-in and no offense to the two actors turned-spirits founders but neither of them is the level of Dwayne Johnson or the stars of Breaking Bad then again thank you for not coming out with a celebrity agave spirit. I think we are upending the way you launch an alcohol company says Somerhalder who notes that bourbons always been a major part of his life I am a poor kid from the bayous of Louisiana. Bourbon was part of the culture for us. I was muddling mint juleps for my family after church when I was four years old.We shot our show in Atlanta the South so we drank a lot of bourbon on and off screen Wesley adds. We drink together hence the name its a symbol of our friendship and the ethos of the company to bring people together.

The flagship Brothers Bond release is a solid four grain 65% corn 22% rye undisclosed wheat and barley 80 proof bourbon that seems to have taken off so successfully due to a combination of star power modest pricing clever marketing and yes a very balanced taste profile.We wanted to achieve two things approachability right out of the bottle for newcomers but also a complexity that a bourbon lover could appreciate says Somerhalder. And thats hard to come by in an 80 proof bourbon.While I do not think the flagship release will appeal to hardcore bourbon fans in the long its solid and well rounded if not overly complex but good for summer y drinks see below Cask Strength suggests that a little more kick could go a long way.

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