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Power Book IV The Power Spoiler Season Two The first image of Tommy Egan!

Sure were aware that Power Book IV Force Season 2 hasnt been released for quite some time but today we have a new look at Tommy!

If you take a look at the image below via renderer Gary Lennon you can get an official sneak peek at Joseph Sikoras character transitioning into the new episodes which are currently in production. We know that Tommy is starting the season in a delicate place. While he has family around him at JP and DMac he also deals with Kates arrival in town and also the horrific death of Liliana one of the few people he can truly trust. There was a deep emotional connection between the two. He may never have become romantic but it doesnt matter either. What he did was that it was important to Tommy.

Check out our full review of the definitive Power Book IV Force Season 1 below! Theres a lot to dive into there and after watching it we suggest you subscribe to Matt & Jess on YouTube. He wont want to miss out on anything else! We tend to think that at the start of Season 2 one of Tommys biggest goals will be getting justice for what happened to him. He still doesnt know that Claudia Flynn pulled the trigger but the moment she did you must have thought there was going to be a problem.

Lennon comes to Force after previously working on Hightown and before that on the original Power where he was Tommys character caretaker for many years. Hes meddling in the followup to the departure of Robert Monique who took over the role in Season 1. What do you want to see more of when it comes to Power Book IV Force Season 2 especially when it comes to Tommy?
Be sure to share now in the comments! Well have more information during downtime so stay tuned to make sure you dont miss a thing. Photo Stars.

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