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‘Point Break’ Writer Developing TV Series About Keanu Reeves’ Character’s Daughter

Point Break was the movie that made Keanu Reeves an action hero. Although his subsequent action hits The Matrix and John Wick became franchises he never made a sequel to Point Break.Screenwriter W. Peter Iliff was developing a sequel for Patrick Swayze before Swayze died. Now there may be a Point Break TV series and Reeves may still be involved.

Iliff was a guest on the Script Apart podcast on Nov. 16 2021. Iliff told the story for his Point Break TV series and what role Reeves could have in it. Iliff based the Point Break TV series around Johnny Utahs daughter. Utah himself would be missing when the series begins. You see her at the beginning, she s snowboarding, Olympics Iliff said on Script Apart. She nukes her knee and painkillers lead to drinking lead to wild sexual and fast driving and what not and she bottoms out has to get sober. She hates being soberHer father Johnny Utah has been missing. His bodys not been found he has dead he has been missing for years. Its a mystery as to where he is but you are going to find out he has not dead.

A bigger story revolves around that. She gets involved in these ecoterrorist movements which of course now is a big thing. There are two sides to the movement. There are those who are trying to get corporations what not to do the right thing to save our planet and there are those who will put a gun in their hand and maybe rob a bank to fund their more violent approach. The FBI is after those people and she’s sent to go undercover deep cover with the group. It’s the same thing. Which side of the badge are you on? She meets her Bodhi his name is Cypress. He’s a free solo climber. There’s a lot of outdoor stunts as the group runs and they pull these clever ratf***s of corporations who pollute our planet. As she gets deeper and deeper which side is she on?”

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