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Perks of Girbe Video Games: Tom Rider

The first Tomb Raider game hit the shelves in 1996 and was developed by Core Design. The game took a risk by introducing a female lead which is not uncommon in the 90s though it certainly paid off as Lara Croft quickly became one of gamings biggest icons and is credited with creating strong female heroines in games.

Crystal Dynamics Legend and Survivor trilogy has done an excellent job of reimagining the classic original trilogy for modern systems. Crystal Dynamic has passed the torch to Canadian development studio EidosMontréal for the latest major game in the series Shadow of the Tomb Raider which capped off Survivor Series in style. Some advantages have failed or fallen into the unfortunate void of insignificance. Factors that may damage the franchises critical and commercial reception include developments in gaming hardware which can immediately define certain genres reluctance to change or innovate And of course a change in the development team.

There have been countless examples of franchises switching developers and dropping quality instantly with notable examples like Spyro the Dragon Championship Manager and Crash Bandicoot finding their footing again recently. However changing development studios is certainly not a death sentence for franchisees and many series have seen their original creators simply leave the quality of the series to remain constant or even improve. Wolfenstein is one of the oldest gaming chains still active today. featuring the first game in the franchise Castle Wolfenstein which first appeared in stores in 1981. Developed for 1981 by Muse Software Castle Wolfenstein is a 2D actionadventure game played from a topdown perspective. down It was one of the first games to feature stealth gameplay.

Stealth wasnt the only genre Wolfenstein helped popularize however id Softwares Wolfenstein 3D was instrumental in the rise of firstperson shooters. The Wolfenstein series has never looked back since Wolfenstein 3D and has put in a solid FPS effort over the years with MachineGames now in the lead. Swedish studio MachineGames has been on a roll since its first game in the series Wolfenstein The New Order and secured the right to develop Bethesdas highly anticipated Indiana Jonesgame.

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