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Percy Jackson Seven Days Into Filming of the Disney+ Series

While theres plenty yet to learn about Disneys upcoming Percy Jackson series the executive producer and original author Rick Riordan posted what he could about the first two weeks of filming on the Disney+ show.

Of course this early in the production nothing in the way of scoops snuck through in Riordans latest post. However the writer did an excellent job describing the mood and activity on set. We are now seven days into filming on Percy Jackson explained Riordan. I am definitely learning a lot about the process of making a TV show. An army of people is required to produce something this complicated so Im glad we have experienced pros coordinating all the moving pieces.

Rick Riordan
In many ways this show is more challenging than anything that has ever been tried before for reasons Ive mentioned previously a young cast massive special effects and a huge variety of scenes that change every episode added Rick. And yet were actually on schedule. Thats pretty amazing.

Amazing is one word.
Agonizing for the many fans who are waiting for the show to debut is another.
However we take Mr. Riordans point at face value. And hearing that filming remains on schedule should buoy any but the most impatient fans of the Riordanverse.
The Kids! But no matter the shooting calendar Rick has an evident love for the actors portraying his most beloved literary creations. And watching the kids work seems to be a joy unto itself – even if filming is quite repetitive for the young stars.

The actors are great sports about this doing the same lines over and over sometimes in awkward stances or elaborate costumes explained Riordan. It is hard repetitive work that would drive me bonkers but these actors are true professionals — especially our main trio of kids! Oh I wish you could see them working together bringing these scenes to life continued Riordan about Walker Scobell Percy Aryan Simhadri Grover and Leah Sava Jeffries Annabeth. But all in due time.

Last week when Riordan announced some more of the cast Rick reminded readers that everything would come out at its proper pace. More to come demigods! said the author. Further casting information will be coming out in phases so stay tuned and be patient! This week he also explained No juicy scoops this time around. As always the release of such information depends on when all the paperwork has been completed and the entire team can sign off on a PR announcement which takes time.
Understood Rick. Under

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