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Percy Jackson Creator Shares Promising Update on the Disney+ Series

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan just posted his week two update from the series set with details on filming casting and his daily routine.

Week two of filming on Disney+s Percy Jackson and the Olympians brings with it news from the series original author Rick Riordan who provided the shows progress.
Riordan didnt dive deep into details on any specifics regarding the upcoming shows scenes but gave his general impression on the ins and outs of working on the film set. He posted on his blog A lot of my day then is sitting in a dark tent with the other producers watching the shots happen and giving feedback when needed — which honestly isnt very often. The raw footage is amazing even before any editing. While watching the filming Ill have my laptop open to work on script revisions or check updates to the schedule or look at casting tapes for upcoming roles later in the season.

Riordan also shared the daily routine for both himself and his wife on set in their role as executive producers. The pair arrive on set in the morning with COVID testing before they proceed onto the set proper every other day. They have their own tent with chairs and a screen to monitor shoots as they happen which Riordan intersperses with script revisions writing and watching audition tapes for upcoming roles later in the season.

After this Riordan moves to his office on set where he joins a virtual writers room. Riordan cowrote the shows pilot alongside showrunner Jon Steinberg but their work involves revisions to alreadywritten scenes in addition to going over outlines and storyboards for the rest of the season. The author also found the shows stunts an eyecatching spectacle where stunt doubles will be interchanged with the actual actors to do impossible feats of derringdo.

Riordan had specific praise for the depth and detail of the shows storyboard or previz meetings which involve a breakdown of the shows scenes shotbyshot and sometimes even linebyline to make sure the productions designers camera operators prop masters and stunt coordinators are all on the same page.

These can even feature physical miniatures to recreate a scene from multiple angles which Riordan described as amusingly similar to a child playing with toys. Percy Jackson and the Olympians will star Walker Scobell as the titular character along with Aryan Simhadri Leah Jeffries Virginia Kull Glynn Turman Megan Mullally Timm Sharp and Jason Mantzoukas The show has no confirmed release date but will premiere on Disney+.

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