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Netflixs Snowpiercer Who is in the cast and how many episodes are there?

The TV adaptation of Bong Joonhos 2013 movie Snowpiercer has finally landed on Netflix. The scifi drama is set after a second Ice Age and tells the story of a band of survivors who live on a train which circles the world.

Themes of class warfare social injustice and survival will play out within the perpetually moving train which is organised by first second and thirdclass passengers While the premise is similar to the original Korean blockbuster in that it keeps the same themes and aesthetics the show will introduce viewers to an entirely new cast played by different actors. So who is in the cast and how many episodes will there be? Jennifer Connelly will play firstclass passenger Melanie Caville as well as the Voice of the Train.

Jennifer 49 is best known for her roles in films including Labyrinth 1986 Blood Diamond 2007 and Requiem for a Dream 2000. Shes joined by actor singer and producer Daveed Diggs who takes on the role of lowerclass passenger Andrew Layton. You might recognise Daveed 38 from his roles in TV series Blackish Undone and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Hes also lent his voice to several productions such as the upcoming The Little Mermaid and BoJack Horseman. The pair will be thrust together onscreen despite their social standing.

Actress Mickey Sumner Frances Ha Marriage Story The End of the Tour will join them as brakecontroller Bess Till while Alison Wright The Accountant the Nanny Diaries will play thirdclass passenger and nail salon worker Ruth Wardell.
Other notable cast members include Iddo Goldberg best known for his roles in Peaky Blinders and Westworld. There will ten episodes in total of the scifi series with Netflix releasing a new one every Monday for the next eight weeks. The first and second episode dropped today Monday 25 May and are available to stream now. The series has already been renewed for a second season but its air date has yet to be confirmed.

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