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Moon Knights Ethan Hawke On Whether or Not His MCU Villain Is Dead

Ethan Hawke teases Arthur Harrow may have survived that encounter with Khonshu and Jake Lockley in Moon Knights postcredits scene.

Moon Knights finale ended with the supposed death of its main villain and Ethan Hawke has now addressed whether his character is dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios sixth Disney+ series premiered on March 30 introducing audiences to Oscar Isaac as gift shoppist Steven Grant—who was previously unaware of his alternate personalities including the mercenary Marc Spector who serves as the avatar for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Hawke plays the series primary antagonist Arthur Harrow a cult leader with a penchant for putting broken glass in his shoes.

As Khonshus disgruntled former champion Harrow and the goddess Ammit ultimately fail in purging the world of sinners—past present and future. In the postcredits scene of Moon Knights finale Harrow is now the one in a mental institution before being wheeled out by the muchhyped third personality Jake Lockley. After Harrow is thrown into Khonshus limo the flatcaped driver shoots the former cult leader four times before driving away. While his fate might seem pretty straightforward Hawke is here to tease otherwise.

In a recent interview with ComicBook to promote Scott Derricksons new horror movie The Black Phone Hawke was asked whether his MCU villain is actually dead. Its worth noting that Moon Knights main character was resurrected by an Egyptian god Harrows body was never shown and this is the MCU. That said Hawke didnt reveal much but he teased that Harrow sure doesnt seem dead to me.

Moon Knights postcredits scene seems to set up a season 2. In the finale Khonshu seemingly frees Marc Spector from his pact but the credits scene shows the Egyptian god is still very much in control of Jake Lockley. Moon Knight has always been billed as a limited series with Isaac and Hawkes contracts not extending beyond season 1. Its unclear what Hawke knows as hes suggested in the past that Moon Knights reception would determine the future of its characters and story. That said its more likely Harrow appears in a second season or Moon Knightcentric film rather than elsewhere in the MCU.

Originally Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater and his team considered villains like Raul Bushman Stained Glass Scarlet and Zodiac before creating an original character in Harrow. Hawkes comment suggests his characters story could continue in a second season even if the writers choose to introduce another villain. Having realized the error of his ways Hawke could return as an ally or reprise the role as his Ned Flandersesque physiatrist—who would still be alive if the events of Moon Knight took place in Marcs head. Regardless its unlikely fans have seen the last of Steven Marc and Jake.

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