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Marvels HulkWolverine Hybrid Turned His Claws Into A New Kind of Weapon

Weapon H is Marvels Hulkverine and his claws can do something Wolverines never could as they become a different kind of weapon.

Marvels Weapon H can turn his adamantium claws into a different kind of weapon as the Wolverine/Hulk hybrid hero can shoot them like projectiles. In Hulkverines #3 by Marvel Comics Weapon H reveals one of his coolest powers. In the issue he lunges at the villainous Leader with his claws surprising his opponent by sending one of the sharp blades as a projectile showcasing an incredible ability that he has that Wolverine doesnt.

Marvels Weapon H is a combination hero whose main powers derive from the biology of Hulk and Wolverine. The monster created from the Weapon X program looks like the Jade Giant but has adamantiumcoated bone claws at his disposal making him one of the most terrifying creatures in the Marvel Universe. However the mercenary turned hybrid hero has more than just the abilities of the two heroes. Along with powers from Warpath and Sabretooth Weapon H also has Dominos luck probability. But the hero once showed that one of his coolest powers came from using his claws as a new kind of weapon.

In Hulkverines #3 by Greg Pak Ario Anindito Morry Hollowell and VCs Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics Weapon H takes on a Hulkedout Wolverine and a clawwielding Hulk as the Leader transforms the two heroes into Hulkverines. However after the trio agrees to work together they turn their attention toward the villain. As Weapon H lunges towards the Leader he unsheaths his claws using his powers to send one of his adamantiumcoated bones directly at him as a projectile weapon much to the surprise of his opponent.

With the powers of the Hulk Wolverine and more different heroes and villains Weapon H continually surprises even himself as he still is showing off new abilities to this day. For example in the most recent issue of Savage Avengers the Hulkverine managed to become a version of the Red Hulk with wings. In this case he made Wolverines claws an even more dangerous weapon by turning them into deadly projectiles. Its a creative new way to make his adamantium bones even more dangerous.

Despite Weapon H making plenty of appearances in the pages of Marvel Comics the true extent of the hybrid heros powers are still somewhat unknown. In this case turning Wolverines claws into deadly projectiles illustrate how hes different from the hero whose DNA is part of him as he evolved and showed off new abilities that make him one of the strongest fighters in the universe. If fighting the Hulk/Wolverine hybrid wasnt challenging enough the claw projectiles make him even deadlier than initially believed.

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