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Marvels Agent Carter Star Launches TV Revival With Steve Rogers After Avengers Endgame

The Infinity Saga is one of the most memorable movie achievements for a variety of reasons. The least of which is how well each character can be bent or pushed into Phase 4. The final shot of The Infinity Saga features Chris Evans Steve Rogers and Hayley Atwells Peggy Carter who are ultimately the most influential characters. of the series. get your happy ending.

But many fans wondered what the rest of that looks like in the world of What If…? The vast multiverse. Well Agent Carter has her answer. Peggy Carter has returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since her first and last role in Captain America The First Avenger. Since then Atwell has made several great appearances in the rest of the Captain America series a cup of coffee in AntMan and of course her emotional appearance in Avengers Endgame. This comes along with OneShot and ABCs upcoming TV series Marvels Agent Carter which followed her life after the 2011 finale of The First Avenger.

Since his last appearance in Endgame in which Steve Rogers returns to the 1940s to live his life with Peggy Atwell has appeared as multiple variants of that Agent Carter Captain Carter. First appearance in the animated series What If…? Then on a live stream with Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Peggy Carters content is as hot as ever.

So what else do fans of this character want to see? Is this more Captain Carter or the third season of Agent Carter in the 1940s? Well Halle Atwell has her influence for the latter. Hayley Atwell appeared at Awesome Con 2022 where she was asked on a panel what her idea for Agent Carter Season 3 would be like after the events of Endgame. YouTube channel Fandom Spotlite posted the footage and Atwell seems to have big ideas for Cap and Peggy assuming Endgame is canon.

Assuming the final game is canon? Well well in my opinion Steve is tired he wants to sit down and hes had plenty of time to put together a great cookbook because hes a great cook. From the start Atwell seems to be putting his finger on the pulse of an MCU believer. The idea of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in a supporting role as the worlds best husband and chef?

This is a Marvel fans fantasy come to life. But Atwell didnt stop there Atwell has created a way to incorporate one of the most prominent names and faces if not the most prominent in comic book movie history but it still holds true for Peggy Carter in the series. Atwell has been the honorary owner of Peggy Carters fan base since her debut in 2011. This stadium tells fans that when Peggy Carter returns in a fulltime role Atwell will make sure to keep the spirit of Agent Carter alive. . Atwells next scheduled appearance in the MCU will be season 2 of What If…? She is expected to reprise her great soldier role as Captain Carter.

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