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Marvel Confirms SHIELDs Involvement In Avengers Endgame Final Battle

Marvel Studios is off to the races with its seventh Disney+ series Ms. Marvel which partially serves as a look back at MCU history through the eyes of inuniverse fans. Expanding on the new world postAvengers Endgame as Kamala Khan works to find her way through high school the new series offers a fresh perspective on how the Infinity Saga came to an end three years ago. Endgames final battle came into play during Ms. Marvels first scene as Kamala put her love for the Avengers on display although she specifically made sure that Carol Danvers got most of the spotlight. This came as the first of over two dozen nods to the MCUs 14year history in just under 50 minutes of screen time but the fourth Avengers film certainly has had the biggest influence.

Although this battle is unquestionably the biggest event in history that the MCUs general public knows about its still shrouded in mystery with it being something that shouldnt have seen much media coverage. On top of that a newly discovered Easter egg from AvengerCon in Episode 1 has revealed another party that got their own story about that final battle SHIELD. The official Marvel website shared new information about Easter eggs that were used in Episode 1 of Marvel Studios Ms. Marvel on Disney+.

One interesting shot featured a sign for a book called I Was There… which Marvel confirmed was written by a SHIELD agent who was actually somewhat involved with the final battle in Avengers Endgame between the Avengers and Thanos army.
This book is said to be SHIELDs firsthand account of the battle at the Avengers Compound as the agent details the clash between the heroes of earth and the Alien scourge threatening our fragile planet. The inuniverse book includes a full conversation with the Avengers Hawkeye and a recollection of Tony Stark snapping his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet even though the author was 6000 feet away according to Marvel.

SHIELD was last seen in any capacity during 2019s SpiderMan Far From Home although the version of former director Nick Fury in that movie was revealed later to be the Skrull leader Talos. Outside the organizations flashback appearance in Captain Marvel theyve largely stayed in the shadows after SHIELD fell to pieces in 2014s Captain America The Winter Soldier. While they didnt make their presence felt during Avengers Endgames climactic battle for all of humanity its not a shock to see that the MCUs premier spy organization captured their own account of this fight.

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