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Mad Men Season 6 Everything we know so far

Mad Men fans prepare your tights and martini shakers AMCs muchloved time period drama will return on Sunday April 7 with its twohour season special. Being able to continue exploring these characters stories for a sixth season is an amazing opportunity series creator Matt Weiner said in a statement. We love digging into this world and look forward to providing stories to audiences that we hope will continue to surprise and amuse them. In the past Weiner was notorious for his tightlipped Mad Men which follows elegant and somewhat enigmatic ad director Don Draper Jon Hamm throughout the 1960s — but some details about the shows upcoming season have managed to slip through. Heres what we know about Mad Men Season 6 so far

1. Season 6 will be Mad Mens penultimate season
In an interview with The Daily Beast Weiner confirmed that Mad Men will end after its seventh season meaning there are only 26 episodes left in the series. But Winner also assures that Season 6 will have its own distinct arc even as he looks forward to the definitive end of Mad Means. I never got a guarantee of one more season in the first few seasons I did the show. So I was just going to use all the story I had Wiener says. And its a much better way to do that.

2. At least part of the season premiere will be scheduled in Hawaii
The vast majority of Mad Mens novel takes place in New York. However the season 6 premiere will take Don and his wife Megan Jessica Barry to the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Its still unclear why the characters are going on a tropical vacation but photos in The Huffington Post reveal that Don is still a smoker and that Meghan enjoys fruity blue cocktails.

3. Peggy and Betty will be back
Some fans and critics have speculated that Mad Men will continue without January Jones who played Dons exwife Betty in a reduced role last season or Elizabeth Moss who left Sterling Cooper Draper Price for a new company towards the end of the season. 5. But Weiner maintains that both actresses will return. I can tell you their names are in the credits Weiner told TV Guide Magazine. None of the actors were abandoned.

4. Pete Campbell would not commit suicide
Another fanfavorite theory from last year speculated that the perceived excess of death symbolism surrounding Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser was a sign that the character would commit suicide — a prediction that Weiner says is misleading. I know Pete very well and I dont see Peter Campbell as someone who would commit suicide Weiner says in the Daily Beast. He judges severely on mental illness.

5. The story will jump forward for at least a year and maybe more
Weiner sometimes developed the Mad Men storyline by skipping months and sometimes years between seasons—a tactic he plans to reuse for Season Six which would jump from 1967 to sometime right in the turbulent midlate 60s reports TV Guide Magazine. Time jumps have been a great story driver for the show Wiener says. I love writing that first episode as if the audience knew everything that happened and watching it go through their heads. Its an oval experience.

6. But Season 6 will also reflect the modern era
I think the social environment and the general sense of anxiety and disintegration [in season six] reflect what Americans are feeling now Winner tells TV Guide Magazine. I think its about whether we realize it or not weve been missing something lately and it just feels different. Theres kind of a selfesteem problem to the country and people have turned inward.

7. The end of Season 5 must be rewatched before Season 6 begins
Season 5 of Mad Men ended with a kind of shelfhanger with Don Draper asking the question Are you alone? Sitting in the bar a question Weiner says hell frequent throughout the season six premiere. I would love for people to watch the last 10 minutes of season five right before season six starts The Daily Beast. I think youre going to have a really incredible experience when we get there. Start early

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