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Liam Neeson health: Star’s ‘agonising’ pain spurred by caffeine intake – dangers

ACTOR Liam Neeson is known for his role as tough guy Byran Mills in the Taken trilogy. But behind the scenes 70 old Neeson was crippled by agonising cramps in his leg which he later found out were caused by drinking too much caffeine.

Following the huge success of the Taken films Neeson has become increasingly known as a star of action thriller films. This has continued well into his more recent career with his latest project Memory which was released in April 2022 focusing on an expert assassin who becomes a target of a criminal organisation. Away from the action Neeson has been supporting GB News host Eamonn Holmes with his chronic pain after suffering from a bout of his own. Rest is rust and motion is lotion Neeson reportedly told Holmes whilst the pair sat next to each other on a plane.Neeson spoke out about his own pain with leg cramps a few years before when appearing on Radio 5 Live. At the time the star revealed I was getting shooting pains in my leg cramps in the middle of the night.The pain made me cry it was agonising.

A friend of mine set me up with this massage therapist who does all the dancers on Broadway and he worked on me.He got rid of lactic acid crystals in my leg and afterwards the star added revealing more about his condition.When lactic acid accumulates in the muscle it forms into crystal shapes. The longer the muscle remains tight the bigger these crystals become.This increased denseness in the muscle restricts the blood flow meaning that muscle is not able to get its waste products flushed out as well in comparison to when the muscle is relaxed.Lactic acid is a major waste product of muscles hence why it builds up when muscles are tight for long periods of time.

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