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Legends of Tomorrow Star Details Miserable Early Working Conditions

Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz explains that working conditions on the Arrowverse show werent ideal at first but eventually got better.

Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz opens up about miserable working conditions early in the series. Of all the shows in the Arrowverse Legends has had perhaps the most interesting ride. When it premiered in 2016 the show faced harsh criticism for taking itself too seriously. Like many early series Legends of Tomorrow initially struggled to find its tone. It also hurt me trying to tie existing characters from Arrow and The Flash together in a way that felt organic. Fortunately this changed after a couple of seasons.

Soon Legends of Tomorrow began to bring in more of their own characters that worked well with the team. The show also took a goofy anythinggoes approach that helped it develop its own identity rather than feel like a mix of Arrow and The Flash. Eventually the series became not only a standout of the Arrowverse but also one of the most reliable and entertaining shows on The CW. Unfortunately the network opted to cancel Legends of Tomorrow after its recent season 7 finale ending the characters journeys.

In a new episode of Michael Rosenbaums Inside of You podcast which was recorded before Legends of Tomorrow was cancelled Lotz reflects on the early days of the show. Although she goes on to say that she enjoyed the work in the later seasons there were some problems in the first two years of Legends Its interesting like in the beginning after season 2 or something like that it was so difficult and pretty miserable that I wanted to leave. I didnt want to do it anymore. We were literally working 14 hours a day on camera almost every day and we werent very well taken care of.

There was no one from Los Angeles no writers no producers no one in Vancouver so they had no idea what conditions were like on set. And we had some actors at the time who really didnt want to be there. Not everyone in Vancouver was in charge. They had to like L.A. says. what should be done So the people who were actually there and could see what was happening didnt have the power to make changes and they were just in debt. wasnt very good. And then L.A. he started sending people like a writer to do that bridge and then we got a production manager and that helped a lot.

The message of the Legends movie in Legends of Tomorrow
Considering how inconsistent Legends of Tomorrow was at first it actually explains a lot that things werent going well behind the scenes either. The negative response from viewers and critics might have even exacerbated the problem. It probably put more pressure on the cast and crew and made them feel like they couldnt talk about the poor working conditions. It seems that the lack of communication also played a role. This is somewhat surprising as Arrow and The Flash were at the time and also filmed in Vancouver. While it seems like there should have been a system from the beginning of Legends of Tomorrow it seems like it didnt come together until later.

Those who work on movies and TV shows like Legends of Tomorrow have become more vocal in recent years about their refusal to accept excessively long working hours to the detriment of their wellbeing. There is still a lot of work to be done to make the scenarios as safe as possible but there have been promising signs. Hopefully like Lotz the actors will continue to share their stories and make it clear that they will not tolerate harmful labor practices.

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