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Kim Surviving BCS Can Explain 1 Saul Inconsistency In Breaking Bad

Kim Wexler surviving the events of Better Call Saul can explain a major inconsistency in Breaking Bad. Over its six-season run, the prequel series has charted Jimmy McGill’s slow transformation into Saul Goodman, the shady and corrupt lawyer who played a key role in the rise – and fall – of Walter White’s criminal empire. With Better Call Saul providing a nuanced take on a previously one-note character, Saul Goodman no longer feels like a comic-relief caricature, but has become a complex and compelling protagonist in his own right. However, this has created a significant gap between the two versions of the character – and with only six episodes left before Better Call Saul finishes for good, the show’s writers have their work cut out to account for the Saul seen in Breaking Bad.

One key issue for the writers to resolve is the fate of Kim Wexler, Saul’s long-term partner. Kim has been a permanent fixture in Better Call Saul, but is conspicuously absent from Breaking Bad. This has led to significant speculation that Kim won’t survive the events of Better Call Saul, with many viewers also theorizing that her death will be the event that changes Saul Goodman forever. However, Kim’s death is by no means guaranteed – and her surviving the events of Better Call Saul can actually explain a glaring Saul Goodman inconsistency in Breaking Bad.

As Better Call Saul nears its end, there is still a gulf between the sleazy and misogynistic Saul Goodman seen in Breaking Bad, and the largely respectful character from the prequel. This contrast is most clearly seen in Saul’s continued harassment of his assistant Francesca, towards whom he makes a number of sexist and vulgar comments throughout the show. While some viewers have pointed to this personality shift as evidence that Kim is no longer in Saul’s life, at this stage of Better Call Saul it is very difficult to envisage how Kim’s departure or death could suddenly turn Saul into a misogynist; for a show that excels in slow and subtle psychological storytelling, such a change would be fairly jarring this late on in its run. On the other hand, Kim’s survival provides a clear explanation for Saul’s behavior in Breaking Bad. When tangling with both the cartel and law enforcement, your significant other can become a significant target. By taking on the persona of a crass and uncaring creep, Saul can hide his ties to Kim – thereby protecting, rather than undermining, their relationship.

Better Call Saul – Kim Wexler – Breaking Bad Cast Absence
Indeed, Howard Hamlin’s shock death has shown Kim and Saul just how dangerous their new world is. If the pair survive their encounter with Lalo Salamanca, it will become obvious that they must take steps to ensure their safety going forward – and nothing in Kim’s steely and composed character suggests that she will simply walk away. If the Saul of Breaking Bad seems like the kind of guy who could never sustain a deep romantic relationship, this may well be the exact impression he is trying to give off, in order to protect the one person he truly cares for. This would help to bridge the gap between the two Sauls shown on screen, while also adding a whole new layer to the character depicted in Breaking Bad.

Of course, even with a noble motivation, it is hard to excuse Saul’s misogynistic remarks and behavior in Breaking Bad. While it is possible that Francesca is in on his act, it is equally likely that a character happy to launder drug money is more than willing to make a few hurtful comments for what they see as the greater good. However, even if this added nuance doesn’t redeem Saul, it can help to make his behavior more consistent with the complex and reflective character built up throughout the prequel series. Better Call Saul’s careful and considered storytelling deserves a careful and considered ending – and Kim’s survival could be the key to achieving this.

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