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Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Trying (and Failing) to Cook Will Make Your Whole Day

The Kelly Clarkson Show never fails to serve our daily dose of laughs live music and buzzworthy guests. From time to time the show has also included some live cooking segments—which Host Kelly Clarkson is all for even if shes not the best chef herself. One of the greatest things about having your own daytime talk show people is how much delicious food you get to try—while everyone watches you eat it its so mean Clarkson said during a recent episode of her show. But its so much good food of course…Sometimes I do have to work really hard for my meal by learning how to make it myself because I want to be a good cook I truly do. [And] Im truly not. It just doesnt always work out for me as hard as I try. Heres a little evidence of that.

We then were treated to a video compilation of Clarkson trying and failing to be a good cook. The Grammy winner is clearly on a mission to up her culinary game in the kitchen but as of now it looks like things are going—um well lets say it could be worse. These bloopers feature Clarkson cooking with some of the biggest names in food and while she may not always nail the technical aspects she gets an A+ for effort. If theres one thing Kelly Clarkson knows how to do its make us smile. And this hilarious compilation video will absolutely make your day. Watch the full video above.

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